Armata tank — the best tank in the world

Currently, there are many rumors about the creation of a new main battle tank Russian. We'd like to investigate this matter, and therefore tried to get first-hand information, that is, the largest producer in the world of main battle tanks — JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod ".

In Uralvagonzavod we were only informed that the decision on the implementation of the project has not yet been decided at the highest level, so for now, all the research in this field are UKBTM and Uralvagonzavod own, from their own sources of funding, and can not be completed without support of the state, due to excessive for the amount of funding for these Uralvagonzavod ROC of 150 billion rubles.

In UKBTM we have been given the following information: so, Armata — a unified cross-species platform for heavy tracked vehicles with a mass of 30 to 65 tons of analogue GCV in the United States. Armata tank on the ICC (Object 199) currently does not have a name, but may be named the T-99 or Armata, but Armada as erroneously announced in the Defense Ministry.

The purpose of the ROC Armata: creating the same for all military tracked armored single chassis, power pack installed, controls, landing gear, the driver interface, unified set of on-board eletrooborudovaniya, life-support systems. This level of unification, at present, has no analogues in the weapons systems abroad.

Development began in 2010 Developer — UKBTM (Nizhny Tagil), JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "(Nizhny Tagil).

The planned completion date of OCD (statement of products in the series) in 2015.

The amount of funding all work on the project before placing the product in a series of 150 billion rubles.

A unified platform for interspecies severe OCD "Armata"

Armata — experienced advanced development platform for creating tracked on the basis of its vehicles with a mass of 30 to 65 tons.

Unified interspecific heavy platform is available in two layouts: a chassis with front-or rear-engine compartment (E &P or ZMTO).

Suspension 6-track rollers, driven by the rotary dampers, differential steering with hydrostatic transmission (GOP). The 12-speed automatic transmission with manual shift. Controls: steering wheel, gear lever and the accelerator and brake.

A single 1,200-horsepower turbo-piston diesel engine A-85-3A for front-and rear-positioned MTO. Motoresurs not less than 2000 hours. Weight up to 5 tons. Volume MTU to 4 m3. Upgradeable.

On the dimensions and mass-power characteristics superior to the best foreign models, engine-transmission systems.

On the basis of this platform is planned to create: tanks (MBTs with ZMTO, BMP / APC with E &P, BMPT with E &P), machinery command and control (E &P), machinery artillery and missile systems (E &P), machinery army air defense (ZMTO) machines and logistic software (ARV with ZMTO).

Our government has not yet decided whether we have the country's need for the next best tank in the world or not, because it is no secret that the position in this area were we, until irrevocably lost in the past decade, as well I would like to again beat his breast, saying that "our" tank — the world's best tank.

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