ARMY BUYS U.S. drones GRAY EAGLE half a billion dollars

ARMY BUYS U.S. drones GRAY EAGLE half a billion dollars
Command of the U.S. Army concluded with the U.S. company General Atomics contract to supply UAV MQ-1C Gray Eagle, reports Defense Aerospace. The deal amounted to 410.9 million dollars. How many drones should immediately get the military does not set. Supply of all ordered sets, and even spare parts and additional equipment will be completed in 2015.

The cost of the 1st complex Gray Eagle, which includes 4 drone and control systems in 2011 was about 90 million bucks. So Makar, under contract last South American military had the opportunity to purchase 4-5 unmanned systems. In total, the military got hold of and have already received 61 drone Gray Eagle.

In April this year, the U.S. Army Command signed a contract with General Atomics for technical service and support for all previously installed unmanned Gray Eagle. The deal amounted to 141.8 million dollars.

Small-scale creation drone Gray Eagle (also known as Sky Warrior) started the middle of 2010. In the first contract includes 34 new machine. Impact UAV is evenly substitute in the armies obsolete MQ-5 Hunter and RQ-7Shadow.

MQ-1C, made on the basis of MQ-1 Predator, capable of speeds up to 250 km per hour and climb to a height of 8.8 thousand meters. On pylons under the wings of MQ-1C can carry four missiles AGM-114 Hellfire or eight AIM-92 Stinger. UAV control can be performed by direct radio station with control and satellite channel.

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