As American democracy raises our anti-Soviet

I have only one goal — to enable _umnym_ people learn from my mistakes. That is, be careful and remember that Hollywood movies full of lawlessness sheriffs and mobsters in state bodies of the states most likely based on real events. So do not look at everything through rose-colored glasses, but should clearly understand that many people here, especially with the low level of development, we are counted as second-class people who have no rights and have to get out to her back as soon as possible. So:

Where are we all here? That's right, in the most democratic country in the world. Many of its police state is called, but it is, almost a metaphor. If anyone knows about it the hard way, then congratulations: you're scared or you're lucky model citizen / citizen. And I was not lucky — actually threatens jail time for complaining about inadequate action by local bureaucrats. I suggest to learn from my mistakes.

Well, let's start from the beginning. Almost 40 years ago, I, as a student, he was found "anti-Soviet", and it still is. That is, when I see something wrong and pulls to criticize. In a scoop like got away with it. Well dismantled my teachers' meetings for "anti-Soviet statements." This is when I am teaching in the economy and at the same time the party organizer asked why food and goods from the stores disappear, and as reported by the Communist Party, there should be more and more. Well away my diploma with distinction put "bad behavior." But do not put away! While it might … I certainly did not like, and in the wake of perestroika I left to the states.

Long enjoyed democracy in Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia and other places, until he was in Ohio. If anyone does not know, this whole state of a democratic, democratic, and the city where I live, and even little white (98%), and I thought fluffy. But I was wrong, oh how wrong. Diversiti population, such as in NY or CA — it is force!

Two weeks ago I went to register my car, and the process is for visitors to Ohio is not simple: you first need to pass the exam the first office on the driving rules, even if a few decades went with the rights of other states, and then compare the license plate to another office, then get a new title in the third office, and only then, having paid for the maintenance of all bureaucrats to apply for a room. To my knowledge this bureaucracy and collect no money in any other state. My wife went through all these offices, by visiting them several times because of the need to bring all new documents, for example, are required soshial sekuriti original card, birth certificate (!), Etc. But I went in her footsteps already armed with the knowledge of reality. But it was not there! When I tried to pay by check in Title office, he was returned to me and said that you first need to open an account at a local bank, as "Out of state" checks accepted accounting office. My objection is that this is not true because azhno three checks from the same chekbuk from my wife has already been made by three different clerks and accountants already cashed it this office, was ignored. And to show those same checks with stamps office, it was noticed the type you were told not to take out of here and get out.

But then I woke up in the bloody anti-Soviet. I looked around, nothing anywhere about the "do not accept checks" is not written and I asked him to show me where about it is the rule can wail. Jack up the clerk, but began to find out where it went, and even found a copy of which is internal bumazhentsii she shoved me solemnly and under the nose. I was defeated and was about to leave, as here what that figure jumps out and starts yelling at me naturally, that I came from a communist country and I need to get out of here quickly, because I do not even cache 20 bucks in your pocket to pay (by the way, the credit card is not accepted, too). When I replied that I am a citizen of this country and do not intend to blame, and does not have to have a cache, and the announcement of not receiving out-of-state checks must be on the wall, his voice was replaced by an indignant. Realizing that it was useless to argue with the figure, so openly hating "come in large numbers", I went home.

I'll bet that few of you guess what happened next.

And then my house was raided by police (assistant sheriff, to be exact) and started with pristrastriem asking where I was and what he was doing. It seems my explanation that I was in state office yelling for my "National's oridzhn," and I did not do in response to them has not given a reason for his arrest. However, I announced that I can no longer go to the office because Title officials in the state. body does not want to serve me more and if I go, it will be a criminal offense. My jaw dropped, but I'm well, very politely asked how is it possible that state. office denies citizens in activities that required by state law. I explained that they have a right and without giving any reason and I have to go to another office in another location to get the title. And even suggested where to look. The shock was complete. My wife and I could not help remember and '37, and such a lovely communist bureaucracy.

But there is nothing, the next day I went to another office for titles and changed his old one. Then, he went to another office, BMV, which gives the room and when I have brought them and began to enter my data in a computer that something strange happened to the clerk, she naturally choked her and left the last word "for consultations." She returned with a manager who has already announced that I was there to serve and not to be and I have to leave the premises immediately. When asked who made that decision, I got a reply that she called "up" and the Auditor (this is the position of this, the highest) Alan Harold has made this decision. Mindful of yesterday's visit sheriff's deputies and the year 1937, I did not argue, but a nasty anti-Soviet made me say "I will appeal this decision." The fateful phrase.

A few minutes after I came home two deputy sheriff, one apparently a high rank, were naturally break into my house. When I opened the door to me with obvious distaste in his voice (which in general is very unusual for the police in the states) have announced that I'll Wait arrested during this current visit to the BMV office. On my timid objections like what and on what basis, I still rude to ask if I want to get another charge of resisting arrest. I certainly did not want to go to jail for a long time for this kind of resistance, "voluntarily" left the house and got into his car, where he was drawn to the arrest of Criminal Trespassing in the BMV office, which reports said auditors. Here it should be noted that Title office, where I did not have to come back is subject to Clerk of Court, located in a separate room next to the BMV. Accordingly, I did not have and there is no doubt that these are two independent bodies to collect money from the population. BMV — it's at the state level, Title — at the county level, county.

Now the fun part. I tried to find someone to complain to my, I believe illegal arrest, unconstitutional suppressing freedom of speech and unbridled discrimination on the basis of national origin. Figure you! NO SUCH STATE. BODY IN THE STATE OF OHIO! There is a State Ethics Commission, but it is only fighting against corruption. There prozekutor (Attorney) but it represents the interests of the state, ie, can not go against himself. There is a commission on civil right, but it is only concerned with discrimination in the workplace. In the end, there is a department for civil right in the FBI, but when I got there I was recommended to call first to hire a lawyer and go to court. I called a few lawyers who have to be registered civil right specialization. When he learned that it will be necessary to butt with a democratic goverment (heads of these offices _vseh_ — Senor Membury or branch managers Democratic Party), none so far has not agreed to protect me. Criminal defense lawyers in the voice, I was assured that the case will be dismissed for lack of evidence (dismised), but it's a lot of work and I need to make a few thousand to pay for their services ONLY otboyu charges. Counterclaim for violation of my rights they are not interested, and, moreover, it is not their specialty.

And you say that Pussy Riot, which, whatever it was, out in the open bullying involved were punished … Here they could catch and life. After all, no bullying, rudeness or other "bad" action on my part, however, did not have quite the opposite, I was attacked for my background. Or is it not the repression of those in power And just like that, with the possible jokes democracy planting in prison and confiscation of material is true of money, even if the court would justify me … So far, unfortunately, I just do not see how you can counter judge dem. goverment for all the problems they have created me.

So, comrades, come from the former USSR, and sit better not rock the boat against the "servants of the people" in this country. Of course, if you are not a Muslim, and not a black professor for whom our President stood up to similar violations of their rights (like the other state. Authority does not exist in the states for such protection). Or who has an idea what can be done? All sorts of social organizations have no rights, so using them for revenge than me to do just once. For the record: I have irrefutable proof of what I wrote here. All this evidence has already been demonstrated to lawyers and several people — all agree with my assessment of events as the arbitrariness of the authorities. Moreover, one Hispanica lady said that if my place was African-American, or Hispanica, then now would be all over the country were organized protest demonstrations. But to us, the white, the authorities do not expect anything serious, and therefore they do complete arbitrariness in retaliation for criticism.

Draw your own conclusions, gentlemen, comrades ….

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