As in Minsk comment defeat Chavez in the referendum?

According to CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik in Belarus supporters of the president and his course more than enemies
"Then put an equal sign between the situation in Belarus and Venezuela can not. The same question probably get different answers in different situations in different countries.
Why do we vote for the President’s proposals? After all proposals of the opposition in general no no, not counting as "Down." And in-2, as the opposition really support us in the minority, because the president we have the big winners. And his suggestions are probably more suitable soil than offer his opponents. Today social policy pursued by President perceived bulk of the population is positive, and because his opponents simply have no chance to win. "
Member of the House of Representatives Sergei Kastsyan believes that Hugo Chavez has worked poorly with population:
"Surely, they are not very good job with the people who are not brought the meaning of these configurations to all people. Because so happened. We have reached every person with an explanation of the need for these configurations. We understand that Lukashenka highest authority, but as statedcamping, pinning their hopes on God, and he is not "cloak". Because we do not "plashali" we worked. "
According to Sergei Kastsyan, Alexander Lukashenko stronger position than Hugo Chavez:
"After the South American influence on Venezuela is still very great. Because Chavez harder to work and their ideas. There’s a very valid oligarchs. Oligarchs We no and no."

Vyachorka: "Chavez has not had time to build one hundred percent of the authoritarian-totalitarian model of governance."

Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka said:
"I am very glad that dictator failed rapidly and one hundred percent grab another country on our planet. Chavez did not have time to build one hundred percent of the authoritarian-totalitarian transition to the totalitarian model of government. All the same great seats remained freedom. Although there where something honestly believed voice. And this means that the Venezuelan youth, educated people, entrepreneurs, whole more democratically minded provinces not under the impact of social demagogy or naftadalyaravaga bribery by Chavesavaga regime. While it is clear which model using these petrodollars he builds. This is a lesson to all those who thought to create Internationale dictators here in Minsk and rely on their support. "
According to Nikolai Statkevich, People’s favorite swinger (the Belarusian Social Democratic Party) which is presently created in Venezuela compared with Belarus has preserved the ability to choose:
"There they say that there is a falsification, the voices say."
By Statkevich defeat Chavez weaken his political influence. And it will be aftermath for Belarusian mode:
"It turns out that Chavez hopes for both the long-term partner, and later on the base and the likely hiding place for representatives of the Belarusian regime today, quite unsafe.
This puts the latest intrigue in Belarus. Especially since that Putin immediately with this percentage was convincing. Its effects will persist. For our government, and perhaps Belarus, it is not very cheery outlook — increased pressure. But, of course, that the game is "a cheap oil and gas for kisses" will no longer be revived. This game may be, is over forever. "
• Hugo Chavez was defeated in a referendum, 03.12.2007

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