As the new chairman of the executive committee Novapolatsk

Speaking at the session, the regional head of the "vertical" explained Vladimir Andreychenko shift control of the town "considerations planned rotation as well as the age factor and health of the preceding control."
BACKGROUND Executive Committee Chairman Alexander Komarov, who had been in this position for about 10 years, went to one of healing European states appointed time and not come back home. In the town rumors that the emperor had reason not Komarova vorachivatsya home.
Newly appointed chairman Kachanova Natalia was born in 1960. Svoychas finished Novopolotsk Polytechnic Institute and for 20 years worked in the housing and communal services. Her last place of work — vice-chairman Polotsk City Executive Committee.
Admitted as head of the regional "vertical", Natalie Kochanova will work absolutely. According Andreychenko in Novapolatsk with 2004 not made programm home construction is not performed as half of the characteristics of economic development. In addition, 14.5% of business entities are unprofitable.
Lots of problems and improvement of the town great chemistry. That year can not be brought to a central brain area Novopolotsk, and some streets waiting for repair and reconstruction have not in years but in decades. This applies, namely, School Street.
During the reign of Alexander Komarov — this, however, at the session says — Novopolotsk Belarusian classes were closed, discontinued publication of the newspaper "Chemist" and actually dispersed by many youth organizations and associations, and all signs Belarusian-Russian pererablotali on ..

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