Astravechchyna: Belarus, Switzerland and the birthplace of the first Japanese diplomat

Ostrovetskii area — north of Grodno region. Another 50 km west Vilnius, but for 50 km to the north already Vitebsk region.
Such impression that food for Switzerland is not an ordinary road, just drive around and lovely mounds. At the bottom, a small river, around the field, and in the distance the church in Vilnius Baroque style. Beauty.
My first interviewee in Astravets — Kruk, known human rights activist, a civilian member of the United Party. Eight months he returned from the reverse of the colony, where he spent six months. Ivan Kruk tried for resisting police.
Policemen came to his apartment with a search warrant, allegedly in the offspring and themselves climbed into the host computer and want it confiscated. Ivan crashed computer — dropped to the floor.
It happened the other day of the presidential election. Kruk collected signatures for 2-opposition candidates — Milinkevich and Kozulin.
And here he is again in the house. We sit in the same room where there was a conflict with the police.
Reporter: "I remember your judgment in Lida, I understand that it was very painful, but it helped keep me?"
Crook: "I worked 30 years in the prosecutor’s office and have never broken the law. Always makes covenants own father, who was a priest and taught never lies. And it rescued me."
Reporter: "And at the moment what do you do?"
Crook: "I’m retired, but continue to engage in human rights activities. Co. appeals to me for help a lot of people."
Reporter: "And you have no desire to take revenge on those who threw you in jail?"
Crook: "The time will come, and all of them, and so have to answer for everything. Already at this time, when many employees of the Prosecutor’s Office met me on the street, lower their eyes — it is they know that I was not povinet that defended the interests of Belarus and democracy" .
Our conversation interrupted by the doorbell. It turns out that the Emperor Ivan came to visit his friend — Stanislav Yurevich. He also retired, but a living, active, watching the developments in the region and the country.
Stanislav Yurevich more than 30 years working in agriculture. Zootechnician worked in various places Astravets district. The Emperor himself Jurevich states that knows Ostrovetskii as their 5 fingers.
Sovereign Jurevich pessimistic looks at the configuration in the village.
Jurevich: "Earlier in the Russian time wages — not to compare, were higher. I, specials, received 300 rubles, and the same milkmaid received 300, and even 400 rubles. And now? When you ask people what wages completely wrong ".
Reporter: "But, it seems the authorities are trying to change the situation in the village, build agricultural towns …"
Jurevich: "You see, the situation is opposite — more complicated. Though they say that these towns will lead the village, but she suffers creation: farm age, there’s something darn them, and the sense of not enough."
Reporter: "In the near future economically unprofitable farms began to connect with voedinyzhdy stronger. According to your opinion, it gives the fruit?"
Jurevich: "All combined and combined, soon the whole area two farms remain. I think it mattersetsya in order to show that we have reduced the number of unprofitable enterprises. But the economic effect nobody calculates. "
Kruk offers to get acquainted with the town. Comfortable enough regional center. I see that with my buddies whenever greet people.
Kruk for a guide: executive committee passed, prosecutors, police, the monument to Lenin — I feel that they lead me somewhere.
Match yet another small monument. Kruk knows that this famous monument to Joseph Gashkevich, First Consul of the Russian Federation in the royal land of the rising sun. He was placed in Astravets in 1986. Then Japanese diplomats asked Gorbachev to visit the motherland consul Ostrovec and visit his grave.
Crook: "Gashkevich was the first diplomat in the Land of the Rising Sun, and it is an honor Astravets. After own diplomatic career lived near here in the estate of Mali. Only — no one knows where his grave is. Some were that he was buried near the church, other — at the cemetery. Came our found residents of the country of the rising sun, but … "
We take some pictures on the memory near monument famous diplomat. Kruk says that before us market, bus station. Specifies the Culture House and the library — that’s the whole Ostrovec.
My guide suggests visiting local amateur composer. And now we climb the stairs to the fifth floor to Alexander Yakymenko — the man who wrote the lyrics to the words of Belarusian creators.
Alexander has Yakymenko music education, working in the district House of Culture. His room is syntezatar and speakers. The kitchen could hear the frantic wife, with little room to her, ashamed, ran a daughter.
Reporter: "Alexander, tell me where you sing your songs?"
Yakymenko "Where demand there and sing."
Reporter: "And where do they?"
Yakymenko: "At concerts, often charities where people want to know about our beautiful country. Well, in general, music — such a genre where everything should be open."
Alexander knows what is necessary to earn a living by playing at weddings, as wage worker can not feed a family culture.
Reporter: "And what songs you often need to sing at weddings?"
Yakymenko: "Stars in the sky in the night" and just really love the song "It’s you, my asterisk clear" our composer Alexey Shydlovsky. This song is forever. "
Reporter: "Do not forgotten how our people to dance, sing, have fun?"
Yakymenko: "No, not forgotten. But, you realize, sing and dance without vodka …"
Reporter: "Previously, states that marriage to the village without a fight did not break, and now what?"
Yakymenko: "Those who can not hold on, goes through with the booze, and then start fights, quarrels — all still."
Reporter: "How are your activities to home — the wife, daughter?"
Yakymenko: "All of them are well aware, support me, but they do …"
Reporter: "Well, at least your songs they sing?"
Yakymenko: "They sing only in Russian."
Reporter: "And why only in Russian?"
Yakymenko: "Hard for me to say something this bill, but in life as coming out, so it is …"
Alexander knows that and is currently working on many new works, preparing concerts with groups Culture House, but like every music hunt him to give concerts in other towns.
And at the moment we are in the house of the sovereign Mieczyslaw Valuevicha. He retired, worked as director of a collective farm and, him, always kept the faith, God is not never vyrakavsya, although Russian Time was member of the Communist Party.
When perestroika began, one of the first churches in the restore took Ostrovetsky.
On the walls in the house of the sovereign Valuevicha icons everywhere. Separately framed picture — with Bishop Mieczyslaw sovereign Kondrusevich faced father of Rome, John Paul II.
Reporter: "You were in the Vatican — what year was it?"
Valuevich: "It seems th 1992, I do not remember very well, you need to check with the wife. Injury after I almost confused."
Sovereign Valuevicha life met a horrible case: in the eye hit iron shavings, and he had to remove the eye. He visited Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa clinic, but everywhere says that the eye will be removed. Then Valuevich appealed for help to the Grodno Bishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz.
Valuevich: "And I was included in the delegation which went to the Vatican. Two weeks we were there, and I had the surgery."
Reporter: "So you did for the operation at the request of the bishop and the Pope Kandrusievich?"
Valuevich: "Yes, yes, yes. I got through the temple chips, and I stayed with
my eye."
Reporter: "And in this picture when you postoperatively met at the Vatican with his father …"
Valuevich: "Yes."
Reporter: "What did you feel?"
Valuevich: "I am grateful, and I poured tears of joy. I do not know what to read. After surgery, I began to create this eye."
Reporter: "And John Paul II — that he read to you?"
Valuevich "He forcefully asked to help church — so that it was not to harm people. States that the Vatican would help, so we did not stay on the sidelines. I promised I would do, that will depend on me. "
Reporter: "Mr. Valuevich, when you got home, people interested in meeting with your father a Roman?"
Valuevich: "These pictures after our return Gudogayskoy hung in the church. People came to him in awe and prayed. But there was one person, who said, people on his knees before Valuevicham, and then took off shooting. "
Reporter: "And yet you think that was lucky for you in life, met with the father of the Roman?"
Valuevich: "Very, very lucky. And more importantly, I saw the Vatican, who was in Rome."
And on the street near the house of Ivan Kruk met Egor Varniany from the village. He came to the Emperor Crook legal advice.
Him in ’82. Kruk asks sovereign Alexandrovich, so he told me his story. And he disappears unnoticed because apparently hears about poverty sovereign not the first time.
A. Emperor knows about life, about how his wife died two and third, abakravshy it a couple of times, at the moment it reaches from alimony and does not divorce.
Notwithstanding own advanced age, Egor has himself goes horse strolls for plow agriculture and keeps determined to marry fourth time.
Reporter: "Mr. A. why you went wrong with his wife?"
A.: "I took her everything she wanted, but later her something shot in the head, I started to give the means of his own daughter. Means we lay together."
My companion knows that lived with his wife Stanislava own seven years. Each of the first marriage were kids. Once there was mistrust between them, sire Aleksandrovich took their money and hid it in a safe place, but at one point I saw that they were not.
A.: "Gave up, fleeced already the third time, and filed such a claim, according to which I have to pay her four million and more each month to pay the death of 150 thousand."
Reporter: "This is based on the lived: whether to believe the ladies? .. "
A.: "It is hard to say, it’s a very complicated story. Oh, so was my first wife, it is not necessary. Well, people live differently. Naturally, you can not believe everything. But who then believe?"
Emperor A. told me that he lives with his wife, the fourth — the truth, marriage is not yet married, but think about it. Said that he wants to live a relaxed, without incident.
Impressed by the discussions back in Grodno. Golden Autumn road — would snake. As to the Swiss — and absolutely no desire to hurry home.
Kruk invited to visit when warmer. Stated that the place to stay — the best is not necessary. In general, I do this sure.

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