At least some imported grain can be purchased only with permission of Lukashenko

For the purchase of equipment gives the country more than 200 million dollars, and they are subject to ilgatavannyu. Belarusian President said, "this burden on the budget and the contribution to the negative balance of foreign trade."
In this regard, Lukashenko prohibit imports of agricultural machinery:
"I think it adpakutavanae government decision. The fact that we still have to rely on their Russian equipment. Yesterday I took this decision. And you get this decision recently. This does not mean that we will not be something take on import, but it’s almost nothing. "
According to Alexander Lukashenko at least some import harvester, plow or tractor can be bought only with his personal permission.
The same prohibition shall apply also in 2009-2010.
"They want to go by Albania?"
Head of Economic Department Russian Kirov factory Vadim Tsai said:
"They want to go by Albania, as it was previously in the Russian time? This is such an internal closed. Did they — will grow only at the cost of internal resources? I think it is not close to the reality of the way, and now it does not reflect badly on the Russian Federation, and first in Belarus. "
According to the Russian economist Misha Delyagin, due to an increase in prices for oil and gas in the Belarusian budget a hole one and a half billion dollars:
"In Minsk economize on everything"
"For their it is very a lot. They reduced social benefits. Of course, now they are saving on everything.
I was here in Minsk, and in one area of sawdust smells because boiler 1st huge shopping center runs on sawdust. To such an extent comes saving mode. Near the houses are wood, because it is cheaper than you consume Russian gas. They save on everything, and the turn of agricultural machinery.
Maybe from our factories will lose money. But I’m sure it made not in order to annoy the Russians. And just as the Belarusians no funds. "
"Forbid not forbidden, it is still not what to buy"
Minsk economist Vasily Shlyndikov agrees:
"We have a negative trade balance. You’re taking. If not for that to take — so here you do? Forbidden, is not precluded, all the same nothing to buy. "
Previously, even in the government expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the Belarusian agricultural machinery.
First year, for example, the Minister of Agriculture Leonid Rusak very bad spoke about older modifications Belarusian harvesters.
But Russian industry receives large subsidies. In the past this year was 50% of the price of the Minsk tractor.
What trends prevail in the Belarusian economy?, 25.10.2007

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