Attorney General of New York, spoke about the greed of charities

Attorney General of New York's Eric Schneiderman has published an annual report on the activities of non-profit organizations collecting money for charity. As in previous years, proved to be the most avid telemarketologi (they find donors on the phone). Of the 602 listed companies, only 49 gave to charity more than 65% of the collected funds. 467 out of 602 companies have appropriated about half of the donated money.

"It's hard working New Yorkers who give money to charity, hoping that their every penny goes to those in need — said Schneiderman. — However telemarketologi stuffed their own pockets in a difficult time for the city. We have just lived through a hurricane and donations are very important. "

Recall that a few years ago in New York, there was an informal movement, urging residents not to give money to non-profit organizations. The representatives of this movement believe that charity in its current form — an ordinary business. Consequently, the need to help those in need without intermediaries who appropriate the lion's share of the money.

Subjected to constant criticism, and the heads of major charitable organizations such as American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, which has hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in salary and bonuses.


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