Authorities multiply lists extremist art

Thanks to the care of the Belarusian authorities rapidly expanding list of "extremist" and means — illegal film and video. We already reported that the newspaper "Zvezda" written list of works which soon aroused suspicion municipal professionals: the documentary film "A Lesson of Belarusian" Polish director Miroslaw Dembinski, video concert in Warsaw "Solidarity with Belarus" and even disks with photos of events in Minsk on day of presidential elections in 2006. Materials were confiscated from Mogilev journalist Alexander Burakou, and the court of the October district of Grodno their content considered "extremist."
Political censorship in the field of culture in Belarus intensively used since the mid-1990s. Although specifically adopted the law "On combating extremism" in Belarus began to act solely in the past year, one of the first hit in the blacklist "extremists" director Yuri Khaschevatsky — His "Ordinary President" does not fit into the ideological standards of modern Belarusian authorities. The same fate soon realized Vladimir Khalip, Victor Dashuk, Leonid Mindlin, other documentary. They all became winners of international competitions and popular were outlawed at home.
In the brand-new millennium practice dividing by their own and others not only survived, and expanded. Not so long ago, the registration and systematization of film and video at the Ministry of Culture denied legal status tapes "Homeward Bound. Requiem" and "occupation. Mysteries." The most latest example — telespektakl

Political censorship in the field of culture in Belarus intensively used since the mid-1990s.

"Tuteyshyya", shot by order channel "Belsat".
Head said management Vladimir Kurlovich officially said director Valery Mazynskomu and Dariusz Shada Bazhashkovski"In the film distorted the meaning and direction of art works Yanka Kupala, that makes the viewer a misconception about the creation of the Belarusian literature classic, injures his dignity. " Censors also found that at the finish of the place are "manifestations of chauvinism and exclusivity state that is unacceptable." We add that even earlier in Kupala theater "jammed" "Tuteyshyh" staged Nicholas Pinigina, and the play itself, it is worth recalling, was banned almost all Russian period.
Contents of the letter like the one that once got moviemakers dedicated Vasil Bykov — "Homeward Bound. Requiem." Quotes director Ira Written:
"… Obsolete discussion movie" Homeward Bound. Requiem. "Participated in the meeting (on direct attention — IP) expert council representatives cinematography klyasyfikatsyynay Commission Gosregister Republican expert commission to prevent the propaganda of porn (we recall, about Bykov — IP) … The movie is dedicated to memoirs of the writer Vasil Bykov war veteran, whose work on the military theme is almost one hundred percent filmed. But in the present film is not told about the bulls of the writer, and the tape is in a position to make a negative impact on the moral and ethical bases of life of the Belarusian people (can you imagine 26 minute film in a state of destroying the state of moral and ethical people? — IP). Due to the above, to issue municipal distribution certificate to show the film on the ground Belarus refuse. "
Few years ago a symbol of protest against the politicization of Gosregister left him Alla Bobkov. By the time Mrs. Bobkov made 10 years techno work, which belongs to engage professionals — "shuffle" tape rank. But from my own experience, it states that all activities often officials from the culture focused on the fight against dissent:
"Why register there? Giving gradation tapes — from malehankih viewers to" adults only "if there is sex. This organization, which must oversee morality. Despite the fact that there is always Plants, when he was still head of the registry was that they only use moral taboos, but in fact it is not. Under this tune forbid movies and for ideological and political reasons. "
Correspondent"Denial of distribution certificate — it’s practically a ban?"
"The ban on display on the ground in Belarus. They want to, of course, that everywhere. But the experience of the film" Occupation. Mysteries " Kudinenko showed: the world is not paying attention to the ban in Belarus. As demonstrated in the

As demonstrated in Moscow Kudinenko movie, went to the Ministry of paper, which they tried to ban the display of

Moscow Kudinenko movie, went to the Ministry of paper, which they tried to ban the show, but nothing came of it. As well as at international festivals and in other countries. "
Revealing that specifically creators and tape that are not perceived at the municipal level, in most cases fall into one of the favorites of different international film festivals. The most prestigious merit marked already mentioned Yuri Khaschevatsky Leonid Mindlin; denkov of Russian Khanty-Mansiysk returned director Vladimir Kolos. "Golden Goddess" international festival of documentary films received his film "Ada Gallery" (the heroine of the movie — a former teacher, philanthropist Hell Raychonok, who founded the village in the Vitebsk region Hiermanavičy art gallery and a couple of years for organizing plein air painters zabugornyh and Belarusian).
Why professional people unclaimed at home? Culturologist Maxim Zhbankov considers that the case not only in the political opposition or nelyayalnastsi certain individuals, but in general how to construct a system of work in the field of culture. Yes such masters in his opinion, do not be able to work within the strict limits that the government has designated for creators. Because, for example, Yuri Khaschevatsky never squandered time to correspond with the State Register:

Even municipal institutions have not escaped censorship

"They are based on the beliefs of officials" very smart. "Since there is a chain of instructions, agreements, and there is no chain of censorship proceedings, it is necessary that everyone liked it the number of controls. At one time I read about this Andrew Kudinenko when explained why he own movie "occupation" did outside "Belarusfilm." He said that everything would be drowned in the administrative swamp. Same thing in this case: a transformation at all levels. This transformation is not in the best side. Because I think no breakthroughs will not be responsible for them simply "order" will not allow bureaucrats. And what, by the way, did "Tuteyshyh" in Kupala, it is also very revealing moment — even municipal institutions have not escaped censorship. "
Given the fact that Belarus has only municipal registration allows to distribute products and officially organize screenings, failure in rolling identity means not only a de facto ban certain works, and a ban on the trade.


Reference. The law "On Countering Extremism" in Belarus in place since 2007. According to Article 1, under the concept of extremism misses activities aimed at forcibly change the constitutional order, incitement to racial, public, religious, social discord, public humiliation of honor and the pros and etc. Extremist material — information products containing calls to extremist activity, pro
motes its created for distribution and with respect to which there is a court decision that this extremist material. Tags: cinema, censorship, art

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