B.Kit: unsullied conscience promotes longevity

KalinowskiBoris Vladimirovich, program "Freedom Night" is more for young people and young people wanted to hear from you your secrets of success. GETTING STARTED your success? How can a young man who grew up in Poland of the pans in the village gardener came to Vilnius, was not poor education?
Keith: The most fundamental — hunting, big thirst to learn. Indeed, from the very beginning not only I, and all my friends, boys from poor families in Belarus, as more willing to get a good education. We have tried — at first in the folk school, and later in the Belarusian Gymnasium in Navagrudak — did everything possible, graduated from high school, and later still went to college in Vilnius, etc. in everything that I’ve had in my life.
KalinowskiBut as to provide means your studies?
KeithI always had a most excellent student and received a scholarship from high school, also later in the Institute — from the country. Novogrudskij governor Sigmund Bickovics, Polish liberal patron of our school in Navagrudak and gave scholarships to the most outstanding students.
Most fundamental happiness was that we could learn and get an education. I wish to tell all of today’s youth: a need to better learn, learn and learn. In the 1920s we had a very big thirst to learn. When I was a teacher of five secondary schools in Belarus, I always beheld this thirst for Belarusian youth trained in all schools of their own.
Kalinowski: Wilensky gymnasium in which you later worked as a teacher of arithmetic — is a big success Belarusian affairs. Her students have become the best representatives of the Belarusian intelligentsia engines state affairs. Which was your contribution to the gymnasium? How it was possible to make such fascinating to those criteria?
"We, the students, were the greatest Belarusian patriots"

KeithBelarusian gymnasium Wilensky, as it referred to our majestic writer Vasil Bykov, is considered the cradle of the Belarusian revival of the entire nation. And we, the students, all were the greatest Belarusian patriots and do everything necessary for the revival of Belarus.
Kalinowski: Were there any difficulties in the gymnasium with the Polish authorities?
KeithVery huge prepyadstviya. The Polish authorities have treated us very badly. Their zeal in those days was to kill the Belarusian people as people, Polonized it and attach to discover, asymilivyats Poland. And this policy was carried out in recent years an old Poland between the first and second world wars.
For example, the governor of Vilna came to us vizytavats. Looks — portraits of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. "Exactly what is it? Remove and hang Mickiewicz and Slovak, Polish poets of our" Then he vizytavav all in school, found that-nibudt is to cavil. Comes to the kitchen, and there all the documents were held in the Belarusian language. "What, then Belarusian language?" Takes the book and knocked on the ground. Such were the relations between the Polish authorities and Belarusian gymnasium.
Kalinowski: Vilna school can perhaps be compared with modern Lyceum, which is currently closed and operates underground criteria …
KeithCertainly. They are similar in spirit, such a spirit, as it is now in high school, and was with us. The situation in those days came to such an extent that the Belarusian asset decided to go to Warsaw and to seek redress. This included the director of asset Ostrovsky, a lawyer and I Glinski. But we learned that not only in Vilnius bad things to the Belarusians, and in Warsaw, at the height of the highest authorities. This means that we will not have gained what we want — to meet a large Ministers. Reads only the lower heads of departments of the ministry and returned home. As Vilna school authorities learned that we did it, uttered: "Yes, you did not have permission from us!" In 1-x, Ostrovsky fired from his job, his teacher was transferred to Lodz. And I also already prepared to be excluded from school, but that had no successors after me, I remained until the war began, when everything changed.
"All the people stood up, wanted to do something of their own, do their independence"
KalinowskiBoris Vladimirovich, was one success of the Belarusian political affairs — was created by Belarusian peasant working whopper that covered the entire region, which the Polish authorities even frightened. Tell me, what was the reason for such a huge, vseobyatnogo popularity of this party?
KeithI believe that it is all natural. Belarusian people — live folk, patriotic people. The beginning was after World War I, when the atmosphere in Poland was quite liberal and democratic. But if you change only the fascist system, then climbed the Belarusians, the whole people rose, wanted to do something of their own, do their independence. And over time kutsee Hulk had 100,000 members.
I myself also perceived an active role. We, the students Novogrudskaya school, went to towns and lay circles Gromada. I, between others, laid in a circle Ogo, where my father was elected chairman. But the Polish authorities were afraid of this, and after a time began to repress kutsee Gramado and that we all felt in Navagrudak — I was a student of sixth grade when Navagrudak immediately arrested 50 people. And released from the bullpen only 3 people — teachers Chatyrko, my friend and me Gothic and the residue was put in jail.
Kalinowski: And as for you avoided bullpen?
Keith: How many police may try, so I gave different secrets Gromada, I did not — always just said, that I know nothing, and I was bailed out. And others who have something a little states were all arrested. There is a museum employee in Karelichy now, she dug in Grodno archive copy of my police inquiry. At the moment, it hangs on the wall in the museum — how to respond during such relations (laughs).
Kalinowski: At the moment the Belarusian leaders are also often caught in the police, being questioned by the KGB, interrogated them in jail …
Keith: The KGB did not need to be recognized.
KalinowskiBoris Vladimirovich, based on your experience in Gromada, what would you recommend for modern Belarusian politicians to their parties have become as influential?
Keith: We need to maybe do more carefully, and you must predict what might happen. Well, certainly you must do, do and do.
"I always read the first lecture Belarusian poetry"
KalinowskiFor you had to emigrate after the war, and in the complex criteria, without knowledge of the language as an adult — what do you do to achieve of success in a foreign land?
Keith: We need to work and work, have a fairly energy, patience, to all sorts of skills, experience different abilities rather than sit down somewhere on the hard work and just sit. We have found in various places, trying to learn the best language — if you understand the language, then you all for helping. Just some people have more happiness, others — less happiness.
Kalinowski: In your case you have had success, and success is very important — you have participated in the program notes of cosmic became deserved man scientist …
KeithIt depends very much on what profession you have, why you were taught. In America, it was so that from the rising of cosmic era America wanted to develop this business. But for such work, for research of cosmic require certain professions. More required math and engineering profession. Humanitarian profession were hardly needed. But the principle was — arithmetic, arithmetic and excellent. It all started with arithmetic: arithmetic initially developed all projects, and then handed these plans and projects engineer, who have done certain things.
Kalinowski: Another success either — it’s your kids and your students. Have you ever had any secrets here in education?
Keith: I’m in high school had a big success.
Teach arithmetic — it does not teach history or anything else. Not all very willing to treat the subject. To assist, I’m always intrigued from the outset lectures read Belarusian poetry — read Illyashevicha, Khmara, Kupala, and this spectacular own students, it urged them to listen to later arithmetic.
Kalinowski: Such a fascinating, sudden approach. Your kids — how they grow, what they have become?
Keith: My kids did very many. Both my son to have completed Four institutions. My eldest son — one of the deputy ministers at NASA in Washington, and the second — a very skilled surgeon. Both trained very well and I did not have any, or other help in arithmetic, as is usually done ancestors. Certainly, there is something from birth, nature also gives us a base on which to base the development of late.
"Learning — the most important thing in our lives"
Kalinowski: And one of the major success of your actual — is longevity: active longevity in science, work and just life. 97 years for you, you live curious, looking for all the events in Belarus, in the world. For as you did it, while many of your friends are not live long?
Keith: Certainly, we need more power from nature, and later — a fascinating, intellectual life, and later — unsullied conscience. I did not make anyone disgusting. On the contrary, a lot of people helped, and there were such cases, that was rescued and life. And now it’s all influenced positively on my body, I think so. And yet — our destiny is dependent on God, and God is willing to do so.
KalinowskiBoris Vladimirovich, what is your wish our listeners, the younger generation of Belarusian activists participating parties, movements, students who are at the moment you hear?
Keith: All of these figures, I wish the people of Belarus as greater happiness of success. Our youth — more to fight for their homeland, and — to learn, because it may, the most important thing in our lives, what gives us the best and exciting life.
KalinowskiThank you for you for the interview and wish for you will certainly live to be 100 years old to have fun this anniversary relatives and Belarusian people.
Boris Keith was born in 1910 in St. Petersburg. Beheld the February Revolution. After the October Revolution, his father, fleeing, moved the family to the village Ogorodniki Korelichi district. He graduated from the Vilnius Institute of Stefan Batory, taught arithmetic and was director of the Vilna Belarusian gymnasium later Novogrudskaya gymnasium. Activities for the Belarusian authorities persecuted Poland, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany. At 38, he emigrated to the United States. He worked in various companies involved in the American projects preparing to fly into space, the USSR learned of cosmic applets. Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy in arithmetic, academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, and many other international and national academies and associations. Has a 2-sons. Soon live in Germany.

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