Balkanization of the United States

According to opinion polls, more than 70% of Americans believe the U.S. system of government ineffective. In this case, about one in five is ready to support the separatists in their state, speaking for the conversion of disaffected Washington state, primarily southern in individual states.

The dynamics of what is happening after the election of U.S. President Barack Obama for a second term leads to the conclusion that there is in America, the most acute political crisis since the 1861-1865 civil war years … It is interesting that in 2013 it will be exactly 150 years from the time when in the midst of this war, Russia and its navy rescued the integrity of the North American United States, who had then just as big as it is today, the problems with the separatists. Since Britain and France intended to support the separatist actions, Russian Emperor Alexander II at the request of President Lincoln sent to the shores of America squadron of Admiral S.S.Lisovskogo. This cooled the ardor of Britain and other powers, intending by landing troops in 1863 in Mexico, provide a Confederate victory and, in fact, divide the United States, adding to the number of the southern states of Mexico and the northern states — the British Canada. Wrecked the plans of Russian sailors in the harbors of the Hudson, and San Francisco were welcomed as heroes, with flowers and open arms, literally worn on the hands …

Even more interesting, and that's the problem, and then the civil war began in the United States, too, after the election of the president (Lincoln) because nedoovolstva same southern states as the current lead in the list submitted petitions to secede from the United States.

Texas is now considered the main stronghold of the American separatism. In time, after many months of the war for independence from Mexico, he became a separate state — the Republic of Texas, retains sovereignty from 1836 to 1845 Since the confrontation with the neighbor took away too many resources, contrary to the will of the majority of citizens of the Republic of Texas authorities warned her under the protection of Washington. With an important condition: the Texans have the right to secede from the United States at any time. So now Texas — it is the only U.S. states with the right to hold a referendum on secession, as well as having the right to raise their Texas flag on one level with the public. Today, about 25% of the state's residents favor an immediate declaration of independence of Texas. Some 35% believe that the state has the right to secede. "Lone Star State" is very rich in oil. This is the second state in the United States by area, population (over 23 million) and economic prosperity (for the last three years there has been created about 40% of new jobs in the U.S.). It is believed that they feed, clothe and arm the rest of America, the Texans have demonstrated a willingness to give up the money from the federal budget, even in the most critical moment of the financial crisis in April 2009. A state governor James Perry just announced the possibility of secession from the United States.

California — the richest and largest state of America, where the authorities are able to pursue an independent foreign policy, and already have an intergovernmental agreement with another state, signed a few years ago, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Many of the state's residents believe that they are being forced to pay the federal treasury is "too much" and therefore support the "California separatist party" and numerous media campaigns campaigning for the independence of California. In July 2011, the media reported that the 13 counties of California (with a total population of 13 million people) are considering the possibility of creating a new state — Southern California.

South Carolina, continuing policy of independence from Washington, already proposed by the mouth of Sen. Lee Bright to issue their own money. With similar initiatives and legislators act of Virginia, Georgia, Missouri, Idaho and Minnesota. Only a few states require permit the use of gold and silver as a calculation tool. This project is very real, because under U.S. law, states have the right to use its currency. Even the leadership of New York regularly performs with the idea of making this a center of business and political life of the United States in the Free City. For the first time the idea has announced on the eve of the Civil War, Mayor Fernando Wood. The most recent initiative was voiced in 2006 from the mouth of a member of the City Council Peter Vallone and was supported by almost half of the members of the city council.

Residents of Louisiana's 4.5-million in November this year turned to Barack Obama requesting the declaration of independence of the state and the formation of their own government. In Michigan, which is divided into two parts, the lake, the population of the northern part of identifying themselves as Finns and has around 70%, from time to time in favor of secession and the proclamation of the independent Republic of Upper Michigan. Supporters of sovereignty planned to undertake a referendum on the issue back in 1960. In Utah, the most religious state in the U.S., 70% of the population is Mormon sect, supported the fanatically in the last presidential election his co-religionist M.Romni, is not averse to declare the first state in the world, based on their faith.

In Maine, most of the French-speaking states, is active movement "Freedom Maine", supported by influential officials and about 20% of the population. In Vermont, the former sovereign state from 1777 to 1791 the number of supporters of independence Second Vermont Republic (Second Vermont Republic). Vice-Governor of Vermont offers right to establish an independent republic. This idea is supported by already 13% of Vermonters, identify themselves in matters of independence with the Indians. In Alaska, which for a long time belonged to Russia, has a "Alaskan Independence Party» (The Alaskan Independence Party), demanding greater autonomy from the center and is supported by more than 4% of the population. In Hawaii, the open Russian expedition, is a variety of structures, gradually consolidating the Movement for Independence of Hawaii, emerged immediately after the overthrow in 1893 of the queen and the establishment of American puppet regime Hawaiian republic.

In New Jersey, on the basis of the largest diaspora planned rise of the state New Italy. In New Hampshire gaining popularity idea of a New Hampshire Republic, already a local announcement of the vice-governor. Similar ideas are gaining popularity and actively explore the Florida Cubans, as well as Mississippi, Alabama … The only state where the separatists do not show much activity — Puerto Rico. The fact that it is significantly subsidized from the budget of the United States and has the status of a free associated state, where the U.S. Constitution applies only restrictively.

American military analyst Thomas Chittum in 1996 in his book «Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America» (in the Russian version of translation "The collapse of the U.S.. Second civil war in 2020") predicted the disintegration of the USA into three parts — northern white, black South and Spanish-speaking South-West with the inevitable concomitant of a new civil war. For such pessimism has every reason to, because in addition to the "local" in the U.S. and regional separatism is the path. This, for example, projects in the Republic of Cascadia (Republic of Cascadia), which includes the territory of the north-western United States and British Columbia, the Republic of New Africa (Republic of New Afrika), including the territory of a number of southern states and intending to exist after the recognition of independence for reparations from the U.S. damage caused by racism, New Mexico, claiming (with the support of the "old" Mexico does not hide its support for numerous Latin American separatists) in the territory west of the Mississippi, and land at least four states.

The separatists have carried out a few years in the United States entire regional congresses. «Los Angeles Times» October 2008 wrote about two such congresses — in Burlington (Vermont, 2006) and Chattanooga (Tennessee, 2007). Participants were organizing, fighting for the independence of the Republic of Cascadia, California, United Republic of Texas, the League of the South (League of the South) and the Second Vermont Republic. At the Third Congress, held in November 2008 in Manchester, actively promoted a new regional project — Novakadiysky Alliance (Novacadia Alliance), including New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and the Canadian New Brensvik, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Through such activities, even the Indians, the existing on-reserve, are increasingly recall who is really the real owners of America. In December 2007, the Lakota Indians have a real sensation, stating the termination of all contracts signed by their ancestors with the U.S. government. A little later, well-known historian and political scientist Stephen Cohen, a former adviser to President D.Busha Sr. during the collapse of the Soviet Union, declared:

"The Indians, who wished to secede from the U.S. — only the first round of separatism, but not the last … Background collapse of the state accumulating for decades. This is the dollar, which became an international tender, but not backed by gold or other valuables — nothing but military might. This exorbitant military spending, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are opposed to the Islamic world, and aggressive foreign policy. I give America five years, after which, I am sure she will collapse. "

In 2013, that is after a few days, the statement of the American historian Stephen Cohen's fifth birthday …

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