Banned actresses followed suit waved special services

As the manager said "Free Theatre" Nikolai Khalezin, yesterday during the second half of a day or at the airport "Minsk-2" appeared security officers who arrange long-term with the "Czech Airlines" to correct Stephanie Pan and Esther Mugambi aircraft to the Czech Republic. Difficulties were that the airline sought to fill costs, while intelligence agencies insisted that it was manufactured free. Only dared question the evening, and actress flew from negastsinnay Belarus.
It also became clear that the actresses were not Belarusian visas. Technically, you can get a visa at the airport. Moreover, in the case of the pan and Stephanie was be because it is an Australian citizen, and there is no Belarusian Embassy. But after a phone actress told Nikolai Khalezin, Belarusian guards told them straight: they appear in the lists of banned in Belarus.
Chargé d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore recently appealed to the citizens of the United States who are going to Belarus to those obtained visas in diplomatic missions of Belarus in advance, and not pinned their hopes do in Minsk airport.

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