BCD: Political activity — one of the calling that God gives to man

6 November in Minsk accomplished scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. During the conference were presented information on the status of preparations for the restoration of this movement, to create a modern Christian Democratic Party. About it — the current conversation with members of the organizing committee Pavel Sevyarynets, Alexey Shein and Vitaly Romaszewska.
Bondaruk: "I’ll start with a question to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Paul Sevyarinets. At what stage is the preparation for the establishment of the Belarusian Christian Democracy? "
Seviarynets: "We reverse the week applied for registration as a public» unity. Currently preparing for party registration.
Illusions about the reception we have, but you need to apply, because it and experience it and try to be like legally in the registration process. Now the group activities the BCD organizing committee has already over 50 towns of Belarus. In the main they are based on the believers of various faiths and Belarusian patriots. "
Bondaruk "Christian Democracy — for politics and public opinion, which was formed in the late 19th century as a response to atheistic socialism, skrytykavany father Leon 13th encyclical" Rerum Novarum ".
The name "Christian Democrats" was first used by Antoine Patseram priest. Catholic gerarahi realized that they may lose their impact on workers, if they were not offered another political doctrine instead of socialism.
Doctrine hrystsyanskih Democrats relied on social science and the Church on philosophical direction, referred to as "persanalizmam." From the perspective of Christian Democracy, the man is an integral element of the huge» emnym supolnastsyav, of which the principal — somewhere I», the local community, people, religious, cultural and professional societies. What’s the feature of the Belarusian Christian Democracy? "
Shein: "With regard to ideological programs from the Belarusian Christian Democracy, for us are two important things: that Christian principles and Belarusian patriotism.
Certainly, moral Christian values — is the second cornerstone. We believe that Christian moral values, which are tested for centuries in including Belarusian history and should be carried out not only through politics, but should be included in the policy itself. "
Christian Democrats appreciate the work, personal ownership, solidarity and responsibility. In favor of the common good, to resist class selfishness, criticizing consumer lifestyle, the pursuit of profit, which leads to distortion and degradation of human merit. In other words, policy should be more human.
Romaszewski: "The policy should be based on Christian values, as well as another person’s life. Since Christianity — is not only a religion, it’s life. A person can not be a Christian only in the Church, and when will there, in the family ‘& # 39, and either in business, whatever it is doing, even if the policy, it can not be someone else. least, he should strive to be a Christian everywhere.
Therefore, we believe that the laws of the Republic of Belarus must not contradict the biblical law, but instead take out a source of inspiration, not contrary to the commandments of Christ. "
According to the initial doctrine of the Christian Democrats, the foundation of Conduct must be moral values as absolute, not subject relyatyvizatsyi.
For the Christian Democrats important value is the man himself, made the image and likeness of God, gifted freedom, consciousness, and just right, of which the first place — the right to life from conception to natural death, respect for life and the family institution ‘& # 39, and.
Seviarynets: "In general, the idea of Christian democracy — is the idea of building on the principles of policy, which are given by God to man: the principles of freedom, responsibility, principles persanalizmu, attention to the unique person, just as the principles of solidarity and morality. Morality in politics — this is at the core ideas Christian democracy in today’s Belarus, which was devastated by 70 years of domination of communism Tew and 13th years of the regime, who lies, rests on terror, on violence, on hatred.
Much needed moral revival. Without a moral base changes are doomed to failure. Because as this moral base, we want to offer to attract the public to the activities and policies 10s of thousands of believers who would have been here this very moral base, base for this transformation.
We really needed at the moment is not true geopolitically focused people, for example, pro-Europeans and even necessary not master, but simply conscientious people, because all bureaucrats, all power, starting and ending with seats upstairs holds just the same for heresy on hatred on violence. But the Lord has made this world on the principles of faith, love, truth and freedom. "
Most modern Christian democratic parties that have formed over the past 60 years, rules, rights, or play a significant role in the political scene in Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. But gradually they moved from their own religious roots, went on a rapprochement with the Protestants and became interdenominational. They did not hunt emphasize communication with any hierarchical Church, though they acknowledge the existence of the spiritual element in life, at least strive to improve society. Or going the same way and the Belarusian Christian Democrats?
Romaszewski: "In Belarus there are special conditions — for example shmatkanfesiynasts. Feature of our party is that it is not-religious. In Germany, for example there are two parties, and they are divided along confessional lines. One usually more Protestants and other — more Catholics. One of our principle is that the structure of our party should not be created on the basis of the confessional. We prohibited the establishment of structures for the confession, as the two Christian Democrats, one Orthodox and the other church or Protestant — is Belarus evil. We think so, and this is our significant feature. "
In politics, the economy and the Christian Democrats prefer democracy, with a focus on local government. It felt very much in Switzerland. In the economic sphere the Christian Democrats are the creators of the concept of the "social market economy" with personal property, and with the care of a particular country over the poor and more vulnerable categories of society.
This is very topical for Belarus specifically at the moment when many Belarusians protest against the abolition of privileges. Solidarity with the poor and vulnerable, namely, follow the German Christian Democrats from the party CDU, but not all of them share the Christian Democrats in a similar degree.
Seviarynets: "There is a big difference between Western European, Latin American and Eastern European Christian democracy. It consists in the fact that Latin America has left Christian democracy, such a socialist, which is held in the main on the principle of justice comes from the Bible and the Christian Democrats there — left-centrist.
In Western Europe, it is faster set of traditions with little or no relationship to the Bible and to Christianity. There are not believers make the main part of the people who vote for the Christian Democrats.
But in Eastern Europe in the near future there is a strong Christian Renaissance, and specifically biblical principles form the basis of Christian Democrat politicians. Specifically, believers make up the main body of those who support the Christian Democracy. "
Hierarchical church (at least — and the Orthodox Church) true stress that they are apolitical. Priests can not be immediately priests and politicians, even members of parliament or local councils. Specific role in politics unwittingly pulls a typical inter-party struggle, mutual criticism, innuendo, int
rigue, and even a libation mucky. Some believe that the general politics — a dirty business, and should not be confused with faith and that of faith comes up.
Shein: "Indeed, there is a perception that politics — a dirty business and deal with it as it is not necessary. But we are convinced that political activity — is one of the calling that God gives to man, one of the official business people. Dirty politics or economics, culture make dirty people, and more people with the highest moral standards will come into the political, economic, cultural activities, all the better.
I remind you that, for example, in the 16th century, when there were the first Belarusian Protestant churches, the preachers in these churches, fees, called ministers. Specifically, the word "minister", if you look at it the Latin sense, means "servant", "servant." This is generally the right approach to politics. Indeed, the higher rank than a politician, the more he must serve the people. Not verbally and not reveling power, and his life devote people.
In fairy tales, Solomon has this quote, "If the righteous are multiplying, the people rejoice, but when the people shameful reign, the people crying." Sapryvdy more people with the highest moral standards, with Christian values will be at the municipal office, the better all country . "

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