Be demanding ideological and artistic properties songs

What Belarusian newspapers wrote on December 6 in different years past.
"Plotka Wilenska" on this week 1907 was published this joke: "Zarazumyalski for their money publishes a collection of his own poems. A couple of days after, he sent this "newborn" muse in the store, do not hide the joy, he runs to one of his friends. "You know — screaming — now passed through the bookstore and saw his book, which is on display next to the collections Asnyka, Slovak, Mickiewicz How it like for you?" "Me? Well, guess what neighborhood you very much. dangerous ..! "
On pages "Lima" in 1947 year A.Bagatyrov an overview of the Belarusian musician for 30 years: "In the near future is not created any more or less successful songs and, on the contrary, during the war began to appear next to the huge amount of good-quality, songs bezideynyya, vulgar, with a huge bloom gypsy music. Very often our composers express bezgustovnasts in choosing texts … Taking into account that songwriting is more widespread genres of musical art, we must be especially demanding ideological and artistic properties of songs. "
"Narodnaya Volya" in 1997 he reported: "For forty days 2-35-year-old Alexander Mogilev Bendikov built a unique pyramid of 410,000 bottle caps, which glorify his name in the" Guinness Booklet ". Dec. 3, journalists witnessed the recent measures to build the pyramid of jams. Features of this unique structure of the following: 4 m 16 cm, height — about 90 cm, weight — 946 kg. Alexander built a pyramid of 120 hours. "

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