Be silent — not going anywhere

Teacher: "What what they do other people: to change the situation in the country. Here is the situation in France, for example. What led the abolition of benefits? Reaches its own people. All in the hands and minds of the people. Be silent — not going anywhere. "
Man: "Maybe we need to change the government? There is a this problem . "
Man: "In the European Union to join — and everything will be fine!"
Student: "Beating need. I believe that we need to move away from the Russian Federation and to join the EU. First need, of course, to become a democratic state — and not will need to no visas. "
Man: "I believe that we need to establish relations with the European Union. Four requirements must be met, he asks — and the path will be open. Will not borders."
Youth"Yes we do not create anything! Silly. Only one way out — to join the EU. Gratuitously differently, we’re not going anywhere. "
Student: "The referendum is necessary, the referendum — to change the system somehow … Faithful referendum. We need to call a referendum, but he is not. Need something to do with this system."
Pensioner: "You know, I do not go abroad because I can not for you to say."
Passerby: "Imagine for yourself that Lithuania buried my brother and I for many years I can not go there. Naturally, I do not like almost everything in politics Lukashenko. Naturally, in such a situation must be determined — or go to the West, or to be with Russia. Politicians need to negotiate. "
Pensioner: "Europe asks? Need to negotiate with Europe. Them a free check, free us. Does not go out? Then I need to get into the government, and I am prompt, it must do it. "
Pensioner: "Well, what can we do? I believe that we are powerless. While changes we will not have anything we do not have. Belarus needs to change — like air and water. Dictator only because of this we have inhibition."
Man: "As long as the image does not change, we do not create anything. Not yet become a democratic state, only then everything will be fine."
Lady: "The power to be replaced. That was democratic and not bureaucratic. Then do it. We are ordinary civilized people. We live in Europe. From all sides of Europe. How so? And we have some renegades. "
Teacher: "Well, can change the way the democratic. Politicians should try our. Indeed, at the moment very hard to go abroad, and with each this year will be even harder. Need to desire to be free — and not only the people and the country, those who stand above us. "

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