Became known details of the first combat use of the Su-34

The new front-line bomber Su-34 was used in combat and showed "good results", according to «Air International».

Sukhoi Su-34 was first used in combat, when last year made several sorties against alleged concentrations of militants in Dagestan and Ingushetia, according to the Blog BMPDwith reference to the March issue of the journal «Air International».

Details of the operations and the type of high-precision weapons still remain unknown. However, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense described the results of the application of new aircraft as "generally good", stressing that in the context of forest and mountainous areas, where they found purpose, to achieve the best results was unlikely.

An officer from the headquarters of the Southern Military District, said that "we are confident that the Su-34 provides guaranteed result in the destruction of the most protected and hidden agendas, it's an all-weather aircraft, and it can be used regardless of time of day, cloud cover, wind and precipitation over the goal."

At the same time, according to bloggers BMPD, hardly mentioned actions of the Su-34 in 2012 are the first combat experience for the type of aircraft.

Most likely, the first experience was his participation in the "five-day war" with Georgia in 2008. It is still unknown if the aircraft type of solved problems. It is believed that the Su-34 anti-radar missiles were used by which destroyed several Georgian radar to bomb ground targets and suppression of enemy air defenses using the vehicle's complex REP L175M "Khibiny".

According to the newspaper VIEW, March 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Novosibirsk Chkalov Aviation Plant, where readwith the final assembly process multi-bomber Su-34.

Tour for the president of the factory held the head of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Mikhail Pogosyan.

He demonstrated an implementation schedule for the assembly of Su-34 under the state contract until 2020, adding that "of the 14 aircraft scheduled for delivery this year, six are already in final assembly." According to him, the first deliveries of the year in the Russian Air Force will be made in May.

January 8 reported that procedure of adoptingnew multi-purpose attack aircraft Su-34 finish this year. It was noted that "the delay in the issuance of Executive Order adopting the aircraft into service and is connected with changes in the leadership of the Defense Ministry."

A source in the Defense Ministry said that front-line bomber successfully passed state tests, which resulted in April last year signed the act. It provides, inter alia, stated that the Su-34 is recommended for adoption by the Russian Air Force.

"Further tests will continue in parts of the bomber enhance its combat effectiveness", — he said.

Later Tuesday, the acting chief of the press service of the Western Military District, Major General Vladimir Drobyshevskiy reported that five bombers Su-34 will be relocated to the airfield "Baltimore" (Voronezh region) January 15, 2013.

"The formation of the second squadron of Su-34 will be completed in January 2013," — he said.

December 25 last year, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed that the Voronezh AFB alreadyadoptedfive Su-34.

Earlier in the day, a source in the military-industrial complex of Russia reported that the front bomber Su-34 in 2013obzavedetsyanew types of aircraft weapons.

According to the contract signed between the holding company "Sukhoi" and the Defense Ministry, the Russian Air Force will receive up to 2020 92 Sukhoi Su-34.

Among the features of the new generation aircraft specialists call, in particular, increase the flight range of 4,000 km, maximum speed — up to 1.9 thousand km / h, and the installation of modern weapons systems. The Su-34 appeared the 30-millimeter cannon, combat load increased to 8 tons.

Su-34 combat capabilities refers to the generation of aircraft "4 +". Regardless of the time of day and weather conditions it can effectively engage ground, sea and air targets in any geographical area with the use of the entire range of air weapons, including precision.

Installed on the Su-34 allows the equipment to use weapons at several targets simultaneously. Excellent aerodynamics, large capacity internal fuel tanks, super-efficient bypass engines with a digital control system, in-flight refueling, as well as suspension of additional fuel tanks provide a flight of Su-34 long-range, approaching the range flights of strategic bombers.

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