Became rich — share with a beggar

In the sidelines of his visit to Cuba PremerMinstra of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev Cuba's debt to Russia, exceeding $ 30 billion, will be partly written and partly — rescheduled for ten years. This was stated by Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Denis MANTUROV.

Russia, having one of the strongest economies in the world, can afford to spend write-off of previously accumulated debt of countries that are of interest to Russia's economic and political aspects.

Over the past few years, Russia has already forgiven number of multi-billion dollar debt to foreign countries.

Status as one of the great powers claimed by Russia, oblige, at least, to forgive debts. As long as it concerns the debts accumulated by our "friends" and partners in the Soviet Union. Generous hand the leadership of our country "Absolved" the ten largest debtors to $ 90 billion in total debt of 109.5 billion

Russians every year hear that our country has written off or forgiven the debt of Soviet times one or the other country. Answers to questions for which it is needed, when they themselves full of poor, hungry and homeless, as a rule, do not differ in diversity. Here or political expediency, coupled with economic or forgiven what so ever and will not be returned.

So, in 2010, Moscow agreed to write off $ 12 billion in Afghanistan, and in 2012 — $ 11 billion North Korea.

In 2008, Russia forgave the debts of Libya. In April, during the visit of the Russian President in the country of Libya has been forgiven Soviet-era debt in the amount of 4.6 billion dollars.

It's not the biggest amount, judging rated "Kommersant", rushivshego count how many guide Russia wrote off 10 countries, our largest debtors. Eight countries of this unique ranking Russian debts forgiven — entirely or almost entirely.

The biggest "Soviet" payback hanging in Cuba — almost $ 35 billion, however, is unlikely to get off the Island of freedom something.

According to the retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Cuba, Russia has an even greater amount — $ 30 billion — a sharp break for the economic relations between the USSR and Cuba. In addition, Russia's attempts to settle debt question Cuban party puts forward the requirement to pay rent for the use of radar reconnaissance of the Lourdes (a suburb of Havana) in the amount of $ 200 million a year.

At this all ended, and Cuba continued to receive new Russian loans, though heavily trimmed. Questions about the share gradually taken over by the new leadership of Cuba with the same revolutionary name, but a more progressive views.

Second place in the ranking is the country which is the largest Russian forgiven debt — Iraq. In 2003, the Iraqi debt to Russia was estimated at $ 8 billion, but at the time of the decision on the write-off (February 2008) it was already about $ 12.9 billion, of which 12 billion have been written off, and the rest of Iraq was asked to pay for 17 years.

Address the issue of debt forgiveness for Iraq in exchange for access to its oil fields failed.

But all was resolved to the pleasure of both parties. As a result, the debt forgiven, Russia was an opportunity for large investments in the Iraqi economy, which is estimated at $ 4 billion

The third and fourth place in the ranking of publications occupy Afghanistan and Mongolia.

Afghan debt was forgiven in 2007 as part of an international initiative to ease the debt burden of the poorest countries with high levels of debt (HIPC). USD 11.1 billion had been written off, the remaining 700 million restructured for a long time.

In December 2003, a large portion of the debt forgiven Mongolia. From 11.4 billion dollars. borrowed from the Soviet Union, the country was able to return only $ 300 million, and the rest was written off. Serious investment benefits for Russian debt write-off for Mongolia is not caused. On some large-scale investment projects in Afghanistan, too, have been reported.

In the fifth place ranking — Syria, whose Soviet-era debt was decommissioned in 2005 by 73 percent. In addition to increasing political influence in the Middle East region, Russia also received lucrative contracts in return for the Russian-Syrian program of military-technical cooperation, as well as participation in attractive projects in the oil and gas sector.

Vietnam (sixth place in the ranking and $ 11 billion of debt) in 2000 was written off 86 percent. debt, and the problem of repayment of the remaining part of the debt deal was proposed by the re-investment in joint projects.

In the $ 8 billion debt assesses the Russian side of North Korea. North Korea, like Cuba, does not want to acknowledge the debt.

Ethiopia — the only country in the ranking, which Russia in XXI century forgive twice. Initially, Russia wrote off in 2001, 80 percent. (4.8 billion dollars.) Ethiopian debt of the Soviet era, and four years later — almost to the rest of the accrued interest — $ 1.1 billion. Here again, a gesture of goodwill. This is a very poor country in Africa. We thanked and invited to develop subsoil. What is there in these depths is not very clear. Oil has not been found.

Ranking close the two countries of North Africa, Algeria and Libya. In 2006, the debt was forgiven completely Algeria in the amount of 4.7 billion dollars. About Libya has been said. In exchange for the cancellation of debts Russian business is an investment in the economy of the debtors.

In general, for 9 years (from 1996 till 2005) Russia has written off debts of 18 countries, including having huge deposits of diamonds Angola (from $ 5 billion had been written off 3.5 billion).

In droves in 2000-2003 within the framework of the Paris Club creditors have been written off 60-90 percent. debt a number of countries: Tanzania, Benin, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Guinea, Chad, Yemen, Mozambique, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone. On the remaining debts of the country received installments of up to 30 years.

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