Because of the large kickbacks to officials at Obamas American builders no money left over concrete

As a result of the collapse of multi-storey car park under construction on the campus of Miami Dade College in the U.S. state of Florida four people were killed, another 10 were injured. The incident occurred Oct. 10, 2012. According to witnesses, the garage complex was formed as a house of cards.

Search and rescue dogs are looking for possible survivors under the rubble of a garage.

The works brought rescuers and special equipment.

Especially difficult was the location of one of the workers who was, literally, under tons of rubble and concrete. Most of the time, while rescue workers dismantled the blockage, he was conscious. Trapped, he spent about 12 hours. According to Foxnews, rescuers decided to amputate the legs working and pull it out from under the rubble. The man was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition. In addition, another person reported missing.

Most likely collapse occurred due to violation of construction technologies (which included a reduced number of poor-quality and materials).

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