Belarus Foreign Ministry: Violations of human rights in individual countries of the world in 2012


Promotion of Racial Discrimination

August 30 in front of a large number of police officers a few football fans gathered at a square in Vienna on the eve of a football match, attacked a passing rabbi, chanting anti-Semitic slogans: "Jews, get out!" And "Heil Hitler", while portraying the Nazi greeting.

According to the rabbi, three police officers were standing five feet, but no action was taken. They were ignored and calls for help the victim.

The rights of migrants and refugees

Several former employees of the refugee center "Zaualm" (Carinthia) reported a number of violations of the rights of refugees from its manual:

— A group of refugees from Russia, which announced a long hunger strike, was deprived of medical care;
— In the cold, in the center of the rooms at the direction of leadership at night do not include heating;
— The center of the room do not meet health and safety standards;
— Refugees have limited access to health services;
— Poor feeding conditions (refugee feed products that have expired).

A doctor serving refugees, confirmed that he had never visited the center "because of its remoteness and difficult driving conditions."

According to human rights organizations in Austria's largest detention center refugees' Traiskirchen "(Lower Austria) for refugee children (about 600 people) are not appropriate conditions of detention:

— Does not provide the necessary psychological care from the teachers of professionals;
— Teenagers are often forced to remain at the center of more than 150 days;
— Minors are not given the opportunity of learning, including learning German;

There are also numerous cases of family separation as a result of the deportation of children or their parents.

Poor living conditions in the reception center in the town of Güssing (Burgenland) have caused several residents of the center bouts of allergies and worsening of chronic diseases. Criticism causes and catering.

Due to the growing criticism in October Center "Zaualm" was closed, some of the refugees moved from the crowded center "Traiskirchen" temporary Grassler Center (located a few kilometers from the center of "Zaualm").

Calling on the government to improve the living conditions of refugees, hundreds of protesters took part in a protest on November 24. The demonstrators marched from the center "Traiskirchen" to Vienna, where a tent camp in the park of Sigmund Freud. A few days later the camp was dismantled.

Another camp was defeated in Vienna at the end of December, the church building Votivskirhe. Several protesters housed in the building of the church and went on hunger strike.

December 28 by the police and public services campground was also dismantled.

"We went to the opening reception center only on the condition that there will not be posted Africans and the Chechens," — Mayor of the Carinthian town of Bleiburg Steffen


The right to free movement

In April, the Belgian authorities, together with the authorities in France, Switzerland, the UK, Germany and Austria have banned some 120 representatives of non-governmental organizations and pro-Palestinian activists from leaving the country to attend the opening ceremony of a new international school in Bethlehem (the territory of the West Bank).

Age discrimination in employment

According to the Belgian Institute for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism, in Belgium, the highest among European countries indicator of age discrimination in employment.

Applicants over 45 years of 8% more likely to suffer age discrimination in employment, despite the fact that it is illegal.

Racial discrimination, freedom of conscience, the right of minorities

In Brussels, where 40% of high school students are Muslim, only 2 out of 98 schools allowed to wear the Muslim headscarf.

The situation of migrants

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), every fifth family workers (21.9%) in Belgium is suffering from poverty (the average in the OECD region — 17.3%), more than 32% of migrant children living in poverty.

Also in comparison with other OECD countries in Belgium is 10% below the level of employment of migrant workers, which is only 55%.

In addition, 25% of children of migrants belong to the category of people who are not working or going to school.

Peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, torture

01.04.2012, Brussels: during a peaceful rally pacifists «NATO Game Over» reinforced riot police detained 483 participants of the action, intending to hang the locks on the door of the main office of the organization.

16.09.2012, city of Antwerp as a result of break up the protest followers of Islam who oppose the film
"Innocence of Muslims", police arrested 230 protesters.

Invasion of privacy

Belgium and the United States signed an agreement on cooperation in which to deal with serious crimes (such as terrorism), the parties shall exchange the following personal information:

— Fingerprints;
— The analysis of DNA;
— Ethnic, racial origin;
— Political, philosophical views;
— Religious affiliation;
— Trade union activities;
— Sexual preference.

The agreement allows access to personal data in the framework of judicial or administrative procedures (not necessarily criminal).

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