Belarus have launched an information campaign suparts domestic violence

In This year Grodno region deprived of parental rights of more than 220 people. Their kids are exposed izymatelstvam, including psychological, moral, hunger strike, had no parental affection. The number of such families is not decreases, why? We have addressed such a question to the teacher of psychology Grodno honey Institute Alexander Prudily:
"Most of the troubled families where ancestors scoff at the children, has psychic term — gipaapeka, lack of guardianship, as ancestors occupied themselves. This small family in the main level — cultural, economic and social, there is such a term — marginal … And why do they behave? And how many such families? A lot of them we have in our society. Fact, they have motivation defitsytarnuyu life. If the basic needs of a person is not satisfied, he is malnourished, in his place to live, for it becomes secondary in need of love for one’s neighbor, including ".
Deputy head of the regional police prevention Vyacheslav Luksha said that this year’s increased responsibility for the family, what a bad situation. Occur offsite meetings juvenile committees also vessels which decide: to deprive parental rights or not, and at times even leave children with parents.
"In the majority of his own question about the small towns and villages where each other know and where people really shameful. Since the town is very difficult bolshennom do, there all do not care. "
Sovereign Luksha states that if the family azdaravilasya decor, kids can return.
"It is a question of when temporarily took away the children, 132 children this year has already returned to the bio family. Everything was adjusted."
Psychologist Alexander Pond says that kids who fall into ordinary children’s homes, get "gaspitalizm" — a basic distrust of the adult world.
"Orphanage people — this is a man with a wounded psyche."
Output — a creation of orphanages home type they are, but there are few funds will be needed, says the psychologist, we need people with education, so adoptive ancestors must be teachers, educators.
Conflicts in families often completed even tragic.
For the first nine months of this year in Belarus recorded 199 "family" murders — 55 more than it was during the same period a year ago. Was also recorded 361 case application of heavy injuries on the basis of family relations. Their number grows quickly.

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