Belarus to share thoughts with Venezuela?

Judging by the number of proposals is the first attempt to enter the market of Belarus a country wide front. Than going to trade strategic partners and what projects considered promising?
Merit Belarusian economy should show State exhibition in Caracas, which opened today and will run until December 9. More than 200 industrial, scientific, educational, tourist organizations seeking to expand the geography of supply of products and services. Their standards across the ocean brought industrial giants: MTZ, MAZ, BelAZ, "Amkodor", "Belagromash", "Motovelo."
Under Belarusian products — administrative resource
What are the chances to gain a foothold in the market? Government reports: not only very high, but even are working on a joint venture to assemble BelAZ, MAZ, MTZ and home appliances "Horizon". How realistic are the plans? I asked the former manager of the enterprise in the manufacture of construction machinery "Amkodor" Vasily Shlyndikova:
"Even in the Russian time to Cuba, we almost all supplied. True, then the price of transport services was not as high as at the moment. Basically, can be fully arrange delivery hence more complex components and assemblies, and another volume is there to do . general, different schemes are likely if this tractor, it may be an assembly flow, where they produce a thousand or two. And if you really work, and it later there will be purchased, it is profitable.

There quasi economy and it does not mean that they were forced to take all Belarusian technique

Another question that without harsh advertising research is very difficult to say whether it will be acquired. Municipal enterprises can naturally force, but still there and quasi economy that does not mean that they all be forced to take the Belarusian equipment. And to say that it is generally futile, sold me, too, can not. "
During the last decade the Belarusian export to Venezuela almost 100% based on the supply of potash. In turn, from Venezuela to minor amounts of tobacco and was certain products of daily demand. By the end of 2005, commercial matters closer to a crisis level, as exports of potash decreased by 60% and turnover hovered around 6 million dollars.
But after intensive contacts Alexander Lukashenko and Hugo Chavez (three times in the last two years), in October 2007, turnover increased by 6.7 times. Major Belarusian exports — again potash (20 million dollars), trucks and tractors (5 million dollars).
But large amounts of cooperation with Venezuela, Belarus expects to get control of the oil industry. Applets visit of the official delegation foreseen opening of a joint venture in oil production in the plains of the Orinoco River.
Formula Business: Oil for agrotowns
According promising planning as early as next year Belarus will get there around 1 million tons of oil, which is going through a Venezuelan companies to sell to third countries. With all this Belarus will "Drop" only 40% of the extracted raw materials, the rest amount remains holders. The economic result of this method of oil analyst estimates, Ph.D. Vyacheslav Orgish:
"Venezuelan oil, maybe available. But there is such a thing as communication, the ability to deliver it to consumers. Naturally, take her out of Venezuela in Belarus is not very profitable, it must be implemented in some places, put on the oil market. Anyway experts at the event noted a number of problems associated with Venezuelan oil. Well, because you need to find a way out and looking for Russian candidates.

Lukashenko (…) in exchange for fuel supply to the Venezuelan market Belarusian products, which are now rapidly losing its position in Russia

And Lukashenko rushed to the property of others in distant Venezuela. After all counts in exchange for fuel supply to the Venezuelan market Belarusian products, which are now rapidly losing its position in Russia. Of course, it must implement them in some way: if the implementation of these products or do the brakes to slow down, the collapse of the economy and social explosion can occur even earlier than it portend specialists. And they portend it to spring. "
Another large-scale cooperative project to be implemented in rural areas. Efforts Belarusian professionals Venezuelan villagers try "to bring to town." Same again through Belarusian invention — agricultural towns. One of the participants in the project, a representative of the metropolitan urban institute Yuri Krotov, states that it is not necessarily to be the same houses are presently build in Belarusian farms.
"All will dosmiling at a particular country’s participation, it is clear. But, as I believe it is appropriate, because at any stage of the development of society requires efforts of the country. And because there is a very difficult situation with the rural population has developed, it requires large investments and tangible efforts so to speak. And if it would be similar to the Belarusian experience? This is the side of the case prof. If Venezuelan masters simply copy the Belarusian experience, it is not the master. They should apply it, taking into account its own specificity and — maybe — in the end of the Belarusian experience remains at 20%, may half. I do not even know. "
Subordinate to the Office of Presidential Affairs Enterprise "Center Resort" tries to lure Belarus Venezuelan tourists. Guests can enjoy staying at Belarusian health resorts at low prices. Excluding flights.

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