Belarus wants to sell its share of MTS

Belarus is ready to discuss the issue of increasing the bit of MTS in the same Russian-Belarusian joint venture with today’s 49 percent to a controlling stake. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Communications of Belarus Ivan Rak. By him, this question is under development. Ivan Rak refused to name the alleged value of the package and say something about the timing and the likely cost.
Russian MTS representatives have repeatedly stated intrigued to increase stake to a controlling interest. Director of Public Relations Russian MTS Lena Kochanowski, commenting on the statement of Ivan Cancer highlighted that the Belarusian government is aware of the interest of MTS. "Coupled with the fact we are pleased to be working with the government in a joint venture and want to cooperate fruitfully continue, regardless of the government’s decision about the stake, "- said the representative of the Russian MTS Lena Kochanowski.
"The main thing for her realize how much money and where the funds will go"
The Belarusian side has received a controlling stake in MTS from the registration of the company in April 2002. Initially, 51 percent had a unitary enterprise "Long-distance relationship," and after his accession to the "Beltelekom" last won a controlling stake.


Of course, the government can not manage it …

Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk welcomes sale bit of Belarusian MTS subsequent criteria:
"In contrast to that scheme, which was now" Velcom ", MTS — it’s a big company. It can be regarded as a strategic partner. In such a situation it’s just consolidation of resources. If there was some kind of market assessment and would have had open, then such a transaction needed have been welcome. Main, for how much money it implement and where these funds will be spent. I do not see nothing wrong, if there is this privatization. If MTS wish here to enter, one of the requirements, of course, was to keep a controlling stake in the country. Now, as saying that the government can not manage it and can manage this only operators, she began to sell it, "- says Yaroslav Romanchuk.
"We’re just observers of the process, as our range implements a very great asset"

In April, in an interview with Russian Internet resource ComNews CEO "Beltelekom" Konstantin Tikar said with delight would give almost all shred of mobile operators who have "Beltelekom." "We do not bring them business. Only MTS strategically fascinating," said the emperor Tikar.
In This year assets mobile operator «Velcom» fled to Austrian property company «Telekom Austria Group». The total transaction amount exceeded one billion euros. Earlier, in August, the municipal share of shares repurchased the company «SB Telecom», registered in Cyprus. It was assumed that these funds have gone on to make up the debt for gas to Russian concern "Gazprom". Yaroslav Romanchuk continues:
"In the case of a Cypriot company understood that the scheme were very opaque, and you can read about "grabbing". About this scheme is also no reason to assume that there will be some other principles. We just observers of the process, as our range implements a very great assets at prices that are, of course, they can be profitable and … But for the country — I doubt very much, "- says Yaroslav Romanchuk.
According to the beginning of November, the total number of subscribers of GSM and CDMA standards in Belarus is 6 million 868 thousand. In terms of population, the mobile communication covers more than 70% inhabitants of the country.
"Velcom" — not only Belarusian company that sold this year. Also signed an agreement to sell shares of the plant "Motavela" Austrian company. On the first half of 2008 is planned to organize a joint Austrian-Belarusian company based Svetlogorsk "Khimvolokno". Not so long ago, Alexander Lukashenko said that still does not preclude the implementation of the 1st Strategic Enterprise — Minsk "Integral" — Russian joint stock company money "system." In September, Deputy Economy Minister Oleg Melnikov said that Minsk Watch Plant "Ray" may implement foreign investor.


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