Belarusian Atlyantyda: without barriers. Horror: denunciations of Resistance

"During the campaign, the authorities have fixed a number of anti-Soviet statements. Among them:
V. inhabitant village of Staro frog Dubski village council, said: "I ask in any lists I did not record how old I am, I can not say for you and I will not vote, I live without government" …
Village resident Radezh Malaryta Brest region Ts in a conversation with a resident of the same village K. said: "The elections, which prepares Russian Alliance, will not take place, because until the new year already here Russian authorities will not, and will be again the Polish government. At this point, the Polish forces concentrated on the border and to the new year will be War "…
Dweller M. Brest told hawker and in the presence of his wife read: "What is this election, it’s all for the sake of laughter, the Council shall appoint its own communist, and we vote for it, and even dismayed to not deported to Siberia" .. .
Inhabitant of the village Zalevaly Svislotch district told the villagers stated: "We Bolsheviks coming elections to the Supreme Council willing fool, instead of elections driven into the collective" …
Village resident Gohi Grodno region in communication with villagers said: "Soviet power here all the same will not. In the collective people are dying of hunger, all they say that people will not tolerate the existence of this power "…
January 7, 1946 Every inhabitant of the village, going to the village Kabtsova, met the 1st unknown, who said: "If any one person accept a role in the voting — all shoot, burn the village "…
Not counting the unknown, all the above-mentioned persons were placed under observation, especially active anti-Soviet arrested and lured to justice. "
Ca-secret spetsdanyasennya Secretary Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Kiselyov chief NKVD border troops of Major General Antonov on the response of the population of the border strip to prepare for elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1946. "
Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "How special services report truthfully reflect reality? Indeed there are many people understand the injustice Russian authorities were unhappy with her?"
Ira commandant: "This document reflects the authentic mood of the people in Western Belarus, who took the Soviet government as a bandit, Russia. Overcoming the effects of the war exacerbated the population perception of reality. Certain part people wasand unhappy power, which, in their opinion, not enough help, not softened its policy, despite the victory. Documents proving such cases, a lot. It is clear that they are in the archives of the KGB. In the sector of the Central Committee of the PBC person they hit the population as a summary of reactions to certain political action — the eviction of people from the border zone, elections to the Supreme Council, the case of doctors and others. These documents show the different degree of popular discontent — from passive disagreement with the criteria of danger to life to kill Russian authorities. For example, the inhabitants of the village in 1947 Yunsechy villagers said that if the elections will be, then you need to throw a grenade into the room where the vote. "
Rakytskyy: "What did so dopeklo Russian power to the people, that they were ready to open resistance and went to him, knowing the power of the system of penalties in the USSR?"
Commandant: "Resistance was called first danger of reprisals for ordinary people, because a significant amount of the population has become possible enemies Russian authorities: because cooperation with the Germans, for having lived in the occupied areas, were captured or abducted for forced labor in Germany waged war in the military allies. zapadnobelorusskogo For the region was justified resistance and unwillingness to live by Russian canons. "
Rakytskyy: "And the government makes the system of terror, intimidation of society?"
Commandant: "Only coercion and terror could to strengthen Russian system. Can cause horrific example of Western Byelorussia, from the memoirs of Konstantin Myslivtsa postwar resistance in Brest: "In our area, many people planted. At night the whole families disappeared. Bythis people very supportive of the guerrillas. For this, and planted. Frighten, threatened. Such was the case. Somewhere in 1949 or in 1950 at the village Korsyn that about Antopil, was a powerful fight guerrillas NKVDeshniki. Killed two guerrillas. They, unfortunately, did not have time to pick up their. Then punishers lured victims in Korsyn, herded the entire village and the sight of people began to sneer at the corpses. Took a saw and let everyday like firewood saw. 1st half, another head adpilili. Star on his chest cut. I wish that confessed whose family is. " Combination of faith with horror propaganda became the foundation of the system. Pyramid was built almost horror — horror subordinate to the head and all together — the state as a whole, its apparatus of coercion. "
Rakytskyy: "This horror sformirovyvaetsya and a man with a distinctive psychology?"
Commandant: "Create a Russian-conformists with slave mentality, with the precious power features: hard work, optimism and willingness to respond to the call of the party, heroic behavior, despite languishing environments. Result — the man whom we can follow now, man which seeks to reverse the USSR, where he was comfortably within such behavior. "
Rakytskyy: "What are the strategies of behavior under the influence of terror were the most advanced?"
Commandant: "Survival Strategies, who chose inhabitants BSSR identify hazards introducing them repressive policies — from active adaptation to active resistance. Predominated first because her government has responded quite flexibly. Vserasprostranennym was writing petitions, complaints and denunciations. Examples passive resistance were motionless stilled work to prevent party activists escape from rural areas. In category resistance (anti-Soviet actions) potraflyali countless manifestations of protest, which were expressed in the peace and forcibly forms, from rumors, expressions terrorist attack against the party activists and village administration. most constructive form of protest was the armed unit of the population or group struggle. Specifically, it was typical for the area of West Belarus, where an active anti-Soviet movement caused the re-introduction of Russian authorities after the war. "
Rakytskyy: "From what the election depended on one or another behavior strategy population? Feared What ordinary people?"
Commandant: "It is important for the everyday person to provide his personal topical interests. While they are not violated (in Russian state with its collective dominance is often the case), the person behaved on-conformist. In the unlikely event he chose their strategies of resistance to significantly influenced by personality traits and mental situation. People get their own experience of the horrors of the family and other people with whom they come into communication. Very significant because, in the absence of sufficient official disk imaging of the real situation in the country, was the impact of rumors, which is an example of the mass concentration of fears and expectations. "
Rakytskyy: "The government provided these rumors?"
Commandant: "Indeed, some rumors spread power. Meanwhile she wanted to find out how people might react to any katigorichnye solutions, or find the" anti-Soviet elements. "But there were rumors that really expressed the expectations of even the hell of consciousness of the population — the wait War with the West, or waiting for the end of the world. "
Rakytskyy: "Someone was silent, someone resisted. But there were informers, which intensively used power. Why do people become informers?"
Commandant: "Scammers would in any institution and organization, because the authorities denunciations criminal actions of people encouraged. Those who did them in this faith in the Russian government considered themselves patriots. Others denunciation solved through career and housing issues, avenged someone. A proportion of those who have been in occupation and worked here and there on the "Germans", fled from court, repression, bringing them to the competent authorities of the appropriate information. partly wins both sides. government used to collect denunciations kamprametuyuchay disk imaging, monitoring citizens, officials, and citizens so eager to use government for their own purposes. denunciations could rapidly bring want to summarize, but not guaranteed. "
Rakytskyy: "Either the different behavior of Western and Eastern Nation?"
Commandant: "Yes, they were different, because finding the eastern part of Belarus in the USSR was much more lengthy. Repression there began even earlier. Because in the eastern regions of most of the population after the war had chosen an active device, as people remembered the prewar terror and feared him return. situation in the western regions was more difficult, because the government only after the war started to adapt the region to Russian lifestyle. Part of the population of the western regions were given the opportunity to leave the Soviet Union as the Poles during the population exchange with Poland in 1944 — 1946 years. Horror repression became the basic premise, which forced people to "vote with their feet." To those who have not left and was disloyal to the Russian authorities dealt ruthlessly. The fight against anti-Soviet resistance almost resulted in civilian war in Western Belarus, where he wasand carried out a thousand of KGB-military apeeratsyyav, arrests and killings, the courts also forced collectivization. Russian power is quite entrenched in the region and the upcoming resistance practically manifested in the struggle of
single individuals and groups that have no influence on the general outline of the commission of the internal policy of the USSR. "
Rakytskyy: "When people went to the resistance means the system of terror was not itself too perfect. People sought to get rid of fear. Mean, there was something more for their superior than horror?"
Commandant: "Faster people want to get rid of constant feelings of horror. Horror repression played a catalytic function, but the man was an active form of protest here when no choice. Solely criteria extraordinary events Belarusian peasant proprietor could throw his farm and go beat. Not all those who have been obliged to be an irregular situation, joined the resistance groups. Many simply hiding. Whatever state the goals of the organizers of the anti-Soviet underground, the basic premise of the final guys there was a zeal for the appropriate level of life, preserve the family and property, and forfeiture of danger repression in everyday life. Fearing reprisals, only a fraction of people, often nestled helped "enemies of the people." Sometimes different: someone risking his career and life from time to time, defended the stranger, and someone in public vyrakavsya loved ones. "
Rakytskyy: "What impact has long planting terror in society?"
Commandant: "This could not affect the fate of entire generations. Unrealistic to count all the loss from that policy. Long stay in horror probable punishment due to the zeal of power to stifle all dissent impacted that all those born before 1953 to this time live the horror of repression. Changing psychology of people through the imposition of constant terror affect the lives of generations 5-6. If Russian official repression has not justified, then the consequences could be more Myagenkaya. example of this frequent use of the properties of Russian time: "Before, people were afraid, and so the order was. "Today’s denial to acknowledge the power of mass repression and injustice, indicates that there is no guarantee that the horror of repression for the majority of society does not come back again."

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