Belarusian authorities have promised to rock stars lifting the ban on their performances

Bureaucrat promised Kullinkovich Alexander, Leon Volsky, Oleg Khomenko and Igor Varashkevichu vneglasnoe abolition of the ban on performances of their groups. In return for that musicians have agreed not to sing during political campaigns.
Commented favorite group "NeuroDubel» Alexander Kullinkovich:

"In complete ecstasy. Invited us. I saw fully adequate rights (Oleg Proleskovsky). Conversation overall result is reduced to the phrase" let’s be friends. "We were not invited to play unobtrusively under the flags. Literally sovereign Proleskovsky phrase:" Guys, I climb into the policy. "And we do not want there to climb.
I said to him: "As a citizen, I can express their position. I do not want her as a musician vykazyvats." We are all tired of waging war. We do not know with whom to wage war. We do not want to play under the flags. Even under the flag, which I respect. "

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