Belarusian authorities started a deadly game …

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Head of Russian Government Vladimir Putin During an official visit to Minsk gave a positive assessment of the parliamentary elections held in Belarus. Students ‘Freedom’ comment this topic:
Misha graying, Minsk region"After listening to laudatory word senior Russian judoka Putin after nedavneshnih, up to a maximum of democratic elections in the" tent ", I wish to thank the OSCE observers for their real eyes and honesty unbribable position. Please continue to do not forget us, Belarusians".
Yuri Konyshko, Orsha"Putin has no choice as to congratulate Lukashenko election to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, as Putin himself conducted the same false elections in Chechnya and in Russia in the last election, he also played a role. Everywhere ahead was heresy, without which Our homeland and Belarus can not develop. "
Man: "I wish to comment on yesterday’s performance Lukashenko. He stated that the most democratic election we nor any European country, there are none. OSCE believes that observers should be counting votes. As he resents Do not trust us!’s The point? Then no elections. Unless openness counting, it does not make sense. This he prepares for future presidential elections, that’s all. "

Creating a Russian-Belarusian military forces in our country, the Belarusian authorities have started a deadly game. This is the beginning date of Belarus in the Russian Empire

Kovalev: "During the voting should be no campaigning in the media disk imaging by municipal authorities and stakeholders. Since the basic principle of the Electoral Code in this respect has been violated, the election in the House of Representatives can not be considered valid."
Alexei: "I was an observer during the elections. Election day in September 28 members of election commissions strolling with urns on apartments and imposed vote, although no one in our apartment did not. Also connect teachers, students which read, that their ancestors went to vote. Pounding on elections is one thing.’s how every year improved methods and techniques. "
Spades: "In the criteria, when there was, in fact, no election campaign, the opposition was able to get the actual victory in almost all the area, was able to gather clear evidence of fraud, was able to thwart the authorities plan to recognition of the" tent. "And the authorities, at least at first tried to play by the rules, did not survive long, and at the end of the campaign in their apparently passed nerves. If associate with the game of chess, the opposition has made Shah and threatened mate. And the authorities responded to the head board. "
"By creating a Russian-Belarusian military forces in our country, the Belarusian authorities have started a deadly game. This is the beginning date of Belarus in the Russian Empire. Prevent this — cause of the United Democratic Forces" — wrote in an SMS message listener "Freedom" Ilya Kopil.

It corresponds to the chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front party Lavon Barshcheuski:
"This grouping is an ancient one. Creator of this SMS just certainly do not know. This 300 thousand people and a lot of weapons. At its content has financing from the Union budget. Because at the moment completely different puzzles — puzzles remove this grouping."
Further expression in the address of the opposition:
Spades: "I wish to express their attitude to our Belarusian opposition. At one point, a lady appeared on your radio and said, that most democratic opposition, most excellent, most intelligent … In short, such a pleasant expression. And I even listened to her, and thought that our opposition — real opposition, which helps the president and the government, and the people somehow get out to a decent life. But as it turns out … Neuzh plucked the opposition such a way to make our country democratic? Never in my life! "
Expression commented one of the favorites of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Igor Rynkevich:

"In the world of the opposition — is the right part of the country’s political system. Regarding ways, our ways just based on European values, on the principles of freedom and progress. One can also note that the lady just to get a certain shortcuts to official propaganda."
Prince"I listened to Radio Liberty ban" Tuteyshyh. "This is some nonsense."
Man: "Americans us climb, nose poke, do not give to live" — outraged one lady on the street. Want to respond to this. Apparently, this Americans took away our benefits, of old and unhealthy. And in return nothing. However, the pro-government deputies retirement significantly raised. What do we do? Maybe send your rockets for the Yankees to beat. Pronunciation last exempt. "

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