Belarusian issue — it is a question of power

Anatoly Lebedko was born in 1961 in the village Tryles Stolbtsovsky Minsk region. He graduated from the Faculty of History and French Minsk Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Belarusian Municipal Institute. Deputy Supreme Soviets 12th and 13th convocation. One of the initiators of the impeachment trial (1996).
Since 2000 — Chairman Joint civilian party.
Co-Chair of the Political Council United Democratic forces. For his role in political activities more than once brought to administrative and criminal liability. Married, has a son.
Normal 0 Assessing the results campaign and prospects of the opposition, in an interview with Freedom Anatoly Lebedko said: "With this campaign, which was not normal, and sometimes fantastically difficult, combined democratic forces, to the surprise of many,  emerged stronger and more seasoned. And if the election campaign to bet as SLM rapidly disappear, at the moment we can state that the UDF is in the political arena of Belarus, and this will be required to considered and Belarusian authorities, and the international community, the West and the East. "

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