Belarusian journalist Olga Klaskouski wounded with a knife

About the attack said Olga herself Klaskouski. At night about 2 hours Minsk time she sent a friend a text message later: "The I 10 stab wounds inflicted, I clinic. Stitches. Lying covered in blood. "
In the morning Mrs. Klaskouski phone did not answer. In the clinic we were told after suturing the patient left the clinic without the help of others.
"Yes, she was in the clinic NIGHT MODE, but a few hours later she was discharged home," — said the nurse on duty admissions Belianskaya clinics that in Warsaw.
About 14 hours and Minsk time in the metropolitan police commandant our Radio told Olga Klaskouski gives testimony to investigators. An hour later, we got in touch with the Olga.
Klaskouski: "I’ve got about 10 injuries, maybe more. Doctors sewed me up all night."
Reporter: "Who did? Where did it happen? "
Klaskouski: "I went to the store in the evening, anyone that going to go out, do not read, no one called. This unknown man made."
Reporter: "Was he alone? "
Klaskouski: "Yes, one and read it in Polish. I asked in Russian:" Who are you? "When he began to thrash me, including, and got close to heart. It seems to me that it was a screwdriver, but the experts at they say that the knife. police arrived later, ambulance, abkaloli me something odezhku police took — was covered in blood … "
Reporter: "And what did you tie?"
Klaskouski: "Honestly, I’m so tired from all this — the persecution of insanity that has no power to make any conclusions. Breathtakingly But what I have not been robbed — I had the money, and surprisingly that the attack coincided with escalation of the case around my daughter. Tribunal also held on November 6. "
Spokesman Warsaw police said Anna Kandezhovska our Radio that the police is investigating the case of an attack on Olga Klaskouski
Kandezhovska: "Police have set signs this man — this young man, aged about 22 years, and now everyone will know of the incident scene. "
Klaskouski Olga and her husband was Vitaly N. mutually blame each other of kidnapping daughter Miroslava — Belarus Ms. Klaskouski deprived of parental rights, but she considers it illegal.
November 6 in Warsaw held a hearing in the extradition daughter Olga Klaskouski in Belarus. At the trial (as told V.Klaskovskaya — coupled with 3 unknown guys from Belarus) and Vitaly N. was that after the meeting was detained by police kutsee time for identification.
Noble deed interested human rights organization "Amnesty International". Says a representative of the aragnizatsyi Jacek Byalas.
Byalas: "We have found in this case a lawyer — this lady that deals with cases of kidnapping kids and be able to represent Olga Klaskouski in court."
Decision in issuing daughter Olga Klaskouski Miroslava Belarus Tribunal accept in December.
Three years back the Klaskouski Olga traveled to Poland, where he received political asylum.
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