Belarusian left reach the UN?

"While yesterday’s decision Supreme Court Belarus, who took the side of the Ministry of Justice, the appeal can not be appealed, we want to appeal to the supervisory order from the chairman Supreme Court. If this step and will not give a positive result, we turn to the Committee on Human Rights UN "- curled A.Levkovich.
He added: "A refusal to register" Union "will not suspend our active presence in the left wing of the political field in Belarus."
November 14 Supreme Tribunal found no grounds for the annulment of the Ministry of Justice. The court’s decision on As the last, written:
"In the satisfaction of complaints from members of the Central Council of the" Union of the Left parties "on the refusal of the Ministry of Justice on August 9th, register" Alliance of leftist parties "refuse. Decision shall enter into force after its legitimate proclamation. Cassation appeal can not be."
Supreme Tribunal supported the Ministry of Justice, which does not register the "Alliance of leftist parties", 14.11.2007 • Kalyakin: You can not hide any living person, acting either party, 13.11.2007 • "Alliance of leftist parties" decided to sue the M» Justus, 6.03.2007

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