Belarusian or corrupt judicial system?

International organization "Transparency international" make a report on corruption in the judiciary. Experts note worsening corruption in the midst of arbitrators in Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other CIS countries. Or typical problem Belarus corruption of the judicial system?
Overall Rating corruption Belarus annually reduced four year reversed Belarus was spot 54, a year 74, a 2005 already at 100 Seventh According to recent studies of international professionals in the field of corruption Belarus fell below 150 seats.

Overall Rating corruption Belarus once a year decreases

In This year "Transparency international" conducted a special investigation of corruption in the judicial system and learned deterioration first in Eastern Europe and the CIS. Relative RF experts concluded: "Political forces degree increment own impact on the judicial system in Russia."
Either it is typical and Belarus? "Our judicial system is more corrupt. If other bureaucrats take bribes, and then goes to the arbitrators," — said last referee Harry Pahanyajla. Recognizable human rights activist notes prepyadstviya political component.
"When we talk about corruption, we are talking not only about getting the right solution for a bribe. This is also true if the tribunal is not controlled by law, and other considerations. For example, please power to make so that the citizen lost in a dispute with municipal bureaucrats. Virtually courts side with not a citizen, and the government, they went under the rule. "
According to researchers from the "Transparency international", corruption in the judiciary promotes closeness and dependence arbitrators from one of the branches of government. Belarus has the right to appoint the arbitrators only president. Harry Pahanyajla knows of only one case where the referee was released from office for corruption. "It came out in the Mogilev region. Maybe there are other cases when sent to resign or retire, but broadly they say about it," — said the human rights activist.
How are things with the open trial of corrupt officials?
Last week it was reported sentencing former first deputy managing ideological presidential administration Vladimir cold. Bureaucrat admitted guilty in bribery and sentenced to eight years in prison. Not only this process held behind closed doors, and the verdict was read without journalists and relatives. Found out about this journalist of "Narodnaya Volya" Koktysh spending special investigation.
"I talked with my wife Cold, and she said to me that she was not invited to the tribunal. Said that the process is closed and it is not allowed be. And the same uttered relatives of employees of the KGB, who was convicted of beating Zenon Lomat. They also pronounced that the process closed and even the sentence was not allowed. "
Are independent observers note that earlier in Belarus have been no cases, that people were not allowed to sentencing, even in a closed trial.

5 years convicted of accepting a bribe of two referees

Press Secretary Supreme Court Anastasia Tsimanovich said over the past five years been convicted of accepting a bribe of two arbitrators. But the accusation of corruption in the judiciary is not an employee of the court adopted.
"Once a year, a significant number of arbitrators in their official punished for breaking the law when considering cases: haste for consideration for the low culture of judicial activities. But it is not associated with corruption."

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