Belarusian sectarians deported from Russia

As it turns out, deported from Russia Belarusians accompanied MP House of Representatives State Assembly of Belarus Nikolai Dubovik. In an interview with "Freedom," he said, now afternoon left the village Nikolsky Penza region together with Belarusian sectarians.
"The district authorities of the town offered us Bekava passenger vehicle" Gazelle "and protection. We such makarom got to Minsk. I’m staying here, and two of their kids sektantak and sent by train to Brest. "
According to the source, the travel expenses paid for Belarus.
Earlier Radio Liberty reported that residents of Brest Dyanisovich Olga, Valentina Mon, coupled with 3 babies too late to get into a cave near the village Nikolsky, where they await doomsday cultists around 30. Belated hermits closed in one of the so called Saints houses preacher Pyotr Kuznetsov. Some time they even managed to not let into the house, and police officials.

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