Belarusian voters to vote for a candidate who robbed him?

In Belarus, the first Sunday in October is usually celebrated teachers day. Up to this topic:
Natalia, Minsk: "Comments to the days of the teacher. Relationship with teachers Belarus initially can not be sincere. On the one hand, these people teach kids and based on their prof obligations must sow the good, eternal, and be an example of the civilian implementation of the debt. On the other hand, complaining kitchens on their real position is not rich and disempowerment in election day they massively put their signatures under the phony ballots. Dissenters with such a rule has long been expelled from school. Logically, the teaching profession in our country is not popular, and its representatives in the mass of their own do not use respect of their own students. "
Next, students continue to speak out on the outcome of elections nedavneshnih:
Emperor Misha, Birch: "Gone elections. As expected, no candidate from the opposition tent missed. But wondrous miracle! Several 10-s deputies were re-elected. They are the ones who voted for the abolition of benefits to the poor. Therefore an idea: Belarus voter so daze, he voted for the candidate who robbed him? Or here was slim a scam? "
Man: "Once the elections were we. And in this regard, all still have our opposition to stand on skates and pick up the stick, because in other games, dear friends, it does not play by the rules."
Emperor Vladimir, Mozyr: "The elections were held, the opposition lost. Well, as you can keep up, announcing a boycott? Conducted in Minsk after the vote, something like a coven: torches, climbing on poles, monuments, slogans in English. And it’s the same evening showed Russian channels and BT . Nightmare! For normal inhabitant of the republic, it is unacceptable. pity that in this company were Kozulin Lebedko and other harsh people. Must be able to play. "
Andrew Ossipovichi: "These system punctures opposition has me and not only me, pushing the idea that it is a betrayal. But if it is not, but just constantly unlucky, skip, pochetaemye gentlemen Milinkevich Liabedzka yes, those who are not one times were wiser. I mean "Young Front".
Expressions commented Chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko
"I was, of course, on October Square, but did not climb poles. Regarding the defeat, I do not think so. For there are numbers that sounded Mrs. Yermoshina. A number have expressed at a closed meeting of the Security Council Alexander Lukashenko. A specifically — 19 representatives of the united democratic forces won in the first round and 14 — out in the second round. This means that during this election campaign, people were willing to vote for representatives of the UDF. "
Next listener asks:
Ladnyuk Sergei, Minsk: "I appeal to you for a question. When and where the opposition is planning a follow-up meeting?"
The question rests with the Deputy Chairman of the BPF Alexei Yanukevich:
"The subsequent rally in Minsk — it’s Dzyady. Especially since it’s the 20th anniversary of recognizable events in Dzyady when he was initiated and BPF, and generally democratic anti-communist movement. For earlier planned that way will pass from the Capital to the cemetery Kurapaty. This is the way that was 20 years ago. "
Further SMS message: "I resent the attitude of our government to private businessmen. Not much of what the president signed a decree forbade them to hire other people, not counting relatives, so they will still have to pay tax of 15% instead of 13% as well as all other workers. Gets the impression that authorities want to kill our business as a class. Authority, maybe from that and winning, but people will benefit from this? "
This question is answered one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alexander Macau
"Naturally, we we see, as the government refers to small businesses. Very bad — it’s not enough to say that. Occur and why these meetings and various other activities. Well, businessmen have the right to consolidate. What will happen next — time will tell."
Man: "Seniors-Minskers apparently another kind, they gave to save time help 105 thousand rubles. And we said power:" Be healthy! "Angers and the fact that in the capital — the people, and we are outcasts. Retired, but unfortunately not myanchanin but only borisovchanin ".
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