Belarusians — patient and tolerant

Reporter: "What do you think: can Belarusians tolerant, tolerant people?"
Man: "It is definitely possible. Here the historic site where live together Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Lithuanians. General place is known, lived here once lord of Stanisław August Poniatowski."
Reporter: "And no problems did not appear meanwhileand who lived here? "
Man: "No — there were, how? Constantly appeared, but it affected the Belarusians on the other inhabitants — in the sense that they have become more tolerant, I think so."
See 2-women who are on hand Belarusian national costumes.
Reporter: "From what you ensemble?"
Maidens, one voice: "Veras".
Reporter: "Do you think it could be considered Belarusians tolerant, tolerant people?"
Woman: "Of course, you can. We generally friendly people — happy when people come to us Lithuanians, Poles, we are generally very friendly."
2nd woman: "Yes, we are patient people, with all my heart — patient."
Reporter: "But the patient — this one, and Belarusians tolerant to others? This is a little different concepts. "
Woman: "Either we are tolerant to others? I think that is very close-knit — and we love and we love."
The young man, with a grin: "Yes, in general tolerant Belarusians — because suffering. Such a mindset we have, not just a patient, and-dimension."
Reporter: "Other people normally accept?"
Youth"Yes, in principle, not the Nazis."
Second guy: "Belarusians — this great people, this is my native people, I respect them, love."
Reporter: "And what is your attitude to the other?"
Young Man: "I am all people are equally".
Youth"That someone does not like you need to have a reason for that. Advance applies biased — not temper Belarusians. I, for example, Belarusian and think about the person, not as a representative of civilization."
Young lady: "Belarusians listed the most friendly people, and I think: No such people, which Belarusians do not love. "
Her friend: "I think so, too, in my opinion, Belarusians very good and friendly people. "
Woman: "People here are very patient."
Reporter: "Patient — is one thing, but they are tolerant of others? All love, not everyone?"
Woman, Russian, Belarus 11 years old: "I think they all adore."
Her friend, also Russian woman "Is not bad civilization, good people, particularly Belarusians — friendly. "
Young mother with her child: "Belarusians — a civilization such people, are very tolerant. "
Now — International day of tolerance, 16.11.2007

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