Belarusians received Merit Foreign Checkay Republic

In 2005, Belarus celebrates 155th anniversary a day or birthday the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Masaryk. Members of civil history club "Spadchyna" then arranged in the House of literary evening dedicated to Masaryk. Club members studied the history of Czech-Belarusian relations and cultural, so to speak, portrayed her in their own genres studied archival materials, writing articles, it draws.
"We did a couple of parties, joint segment Masaryk — says the chairman of the club," Heritage of "Anatoly whitewashed. — Draw portraits. Example, Ales Tsirkunov painted a portrait dedicated to Prague student Belarusians Anatoly Kryvenko painted portraits of Czech presidents Tomas Masaryk and Vaclav Havel . journalist Anatoly Melguy wrote about Czech music. "
And in This year Ministry Foreign Affairs Czech Republic noted seven Belarusians.
"There were members of the association awarded" Spadchyna "- says the Cultural Attache of the Czech Embassy in Belarus Tomas Yadlovskaya. — They were marked by the deepening of the Czech-Belarusian relations in the field of culture. I’m working with 2005, during my stay here is for the first time. "
Bronze medal of Jan Masaryk (foreign minister Affairs postwar Czechoslovakia, son of the first president, Tomáš Masaryk) received local historian, founder of the museum in the old Roads Anatoly whitewashed, painters Ales Tsirkunov Anatoly Kryvenko Misha Karpuk, Hope Sarmanto archivist Anatoly Volohonovich journalist Anatoly Melguy.
Painter Ales Tsirkunov ignorant of their own work, for what was the merit of the Czech Foreign Ministry:
"I, namely, painted" Svyatazarny wall ", dedicated to Belarusian students who, at the invitation of Tomas Masaryk studied at Charles Institute (a wave-time Zabeydy Sumitskogo, Larissa Heniyush and others there wasof about five hundred people). I place more outstanding people. "

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