Belgium sacrifice of Christ for the sake of tolerance

In Brussels, banned the Christmas tree, so as not to offend the religious feelings of Muslims. Instead, the main square of the city will put a 25-meter high building with a lot of screens.

The Belgians will meet 2013th without one of the main symbols of the New Year and Christmas — ever green trees. The authorities in Brussels believe that the set on the central square of elegant wood, which is an attribute of the Christian holiday, it may offend Muslims, says "BBC News".

The city will be deprived of the traditional giant Christmas tree, which every year is set on the Grand Place, this time it will be replaced by "electronic winter tree." It will be of a 25-meter-high building with a lot of screens. Decorate the Christmas tree garland electronic flash and LED lamps. Moreover, the structure will be equipped with video-mapping, allows you to create 3D-projection of the architectural ensemble of the Grand Place.

Happy on the "tree" will be up and admire the panorama of the city, and after dark the installation will be transformed into a "grand performance of light and sound, which will change every ten minutes," city officials say. Children can climb to the unusual structure for free, but for adults it will cost four euros.

According to a local official Bianchi Debaets, electronic sculpture, as opposed to eating, nothing to do with Christianity, and hence its appearance in the center of Brussels does not offend the feelings of draws. The fact is that the followers of Islam constitute a significant percentage of the population in many Belgian cities. A 2008 poll showed that 25% of the population of Brussels to be Muslim. Also in October, the city council of the capital were elected two policies that have declared their intention to introduce Sharia law in the country.

Be that as it may, the inhabitants of Brussels are going to appeal against the decision of the local authorities. December 8, they will take to the Grand Place with its trees.

In addition, under the ban this year would be not only the main symbol of the New Year, but itraditsionny Brussels Christmas market. It renamed the "Winter Fun". However, not all the Belgian officials in solidarity with the likes of "repression festive", so it is possible that the decision to replace trees on the electronic installation will be reviewed.

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