Belsat starts

The plans "Belsat" — also broadcast via the web. While Web site marketing channel can look video. In its own first day, December 10, "Belsat" running in test mode. Clarifies manager Alex Dzikavitski disk imaging services:

2-3 months, we must go on 16 hours

"Test — three hours. As for ordinary regime, in 2-3 months we should go to 16 hours, as planned. How it will look in the final version. "
Three hours — along the entire broadcast. Unique programm still has one hour. December 10, apart from the rest, you can see the announcements, recording a rock concert with the role of Belarusian artists also satirical program from "Sasha and Sirozha."
January 8 unique broadcast expanded to 2 hours. And few months duration unusual amount of ether for 4 hours during the day will be repeated. In addition to news, satire and music programs "Belsat" plans to show the talk shows, documentaries and feature films, television drama, copyrights programs from different genres and so on.

have stress (…) but also a sense of euphoria

But on December 10 the focus of employees aimed at the first news release. Next Alexander Dzikavitski:
"Naturally, there is stress: the case of new and big enough. Well, slept badly (laughs), in general, as well as my colleagues. But also a sense of euphoria that we are well prepared, that we should not go on the air with anything anyhow. What all works on a technical level, and mentally. "
Behold transmission channel "Belsat" can be via satellite "Astra", and from January 2008 — via satellite "Sirius".

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