Bet on the reindeer


In Russia for the first time developed and adopted a program for the development of reindeer herding.



In Russia for the first time at the state level have developed and adopted a program for the development of reindeer herding. Total funding for all of its activities for the period 2013-2015 will be about 6 billion rubles.

This program branch and will be implemented in the framework of the national strategy of agricultural development in the country until 2020.

The development of reindeer herding is essential to maintain social and economic stability in areas where indigenous peoples of the North.

The package of measures for the development of reindeer husbandry in northern regions is aimed at increasing the production and the preservation of the traditional way of life of the peoples and employment of certain territories of the Far North, Siberia and the Far East.

To achieve these goals need to increase the number of reindeer of all farms in 2015 (as compared to 2012) to 33,000 heads — up to 1.624 million head, an increase meat production by 6.7 thousand tons — up to 25 thousand tons per year .

The federal program will create an additional 980 to 2015 jobs in the sparsely populated northern regions.

Russia has always led among other Arctic countries on the number of reindeer. Today, there are more than 60% of the world population of reindeer. Efficient and controlled by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation to use the vast resources of pasture forage at higher latitudes, which are unsuitable for other types of farm animals, this figure will increase further — and noticeable.

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