Bialowieza Forest received a one-year reprieve

The Council of Europe require lengthy management plan Bialowieza Large Live. This document covers all its future.
As explained Valery Dranchuk — creator of the book "Bialowieza Forest. Resolution SOS", civilian control initiatives "TERRA-Convention", is not a whim of European officials. If they are on the hands of such a document, they can come with him to Belarus and to verify that directly executed, and that — no.
Sovereign Dranchuk believes authorities deliberately delayed the preparation of an important document:
"It just very significant their fault. Belarusian and greenish, and representatives of the Council of Europe and others have long been required — well, show, show their cards to show that you will do in the Bialowieza Forest. This plan is not. And for the authorities not to have it profitably. They’re the last 10 years, only cut down the forest. Wilderness protection in the Bialowieza Forest no. "Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection commissioned to prepare a long plan of the Institute of Zoology of the State Academy. Director of the Institute, Dr. Mike Nikiforov bio sciences in communicating with our radio said that this work of his subordinates took only a few months back the clock:
"While contracted and stuff. But the work has begun. And she seriously promoted. And finalized this management plan for the following year. Practically, the cost issue — one year."
In Strasbourg decided in spring next year bring to the Bialowieza Forest group of professionals who make their own conclusions. A Belarusian bureaucrats promise in the year 2008 to prepare a management plan Large Live.
• Is there any diploma in the Bialowieza Forest Council of Europe?, 26.11.2007

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