Boris Nemtsov: Lukashizatsiya RF

Correspondent"The first question — assessment of the outcome of elections in the Municipal Duma Russian Federation."
Nemtsov"Well, I say to you — it was the most dishonest, the most materialistic and most unfair elections in modern Russia. These elections are not recognized neither PACE nor the OSCE. According to standards, they are very close to what was organized Lukashenko in Belarus. And Putin is in this sense not much different from Lukashenko. During elections were applied all the security services, which are in Russia. were arrested hundreds of our activists across the country. Arrest Nikita beheld a snow-white world. Both Belarus beheld.
In addition, Putin’s secret services and the Interior Ministry arrested millions of newspapers and all promotional materials. Putin used completely bad and dark piyartehnalegii. Were applied vile technology if every night called Muscovites and not only achieved and simultaneously stand up and vote for the SPS. Yes vote itself was fully cooperated in the adulterated form. And I will say that the turnout in some regions such as North Korea. In Ingushetia, 98, etc. …
Correspondent"In Chechnya, more than 99 percent …"

Our homeland — is a corrupt dictatorship headed by Putin

Nemtsov"99 and a half percent. Ingushetia — 98 and so on … Such a North Korean version. Were recorded numerous violations. They even have been recorded by the camera. This" Pyrrhic "victory Putin. Basically, it does not differ from Lukashenko . It’s a shame, obviously. No he did not state favorite. Since you know … on heresy and cynicism become a public favorite unreal. "
Correspondent"Comment on the general idea of" public favorite "in the federal country" …
Nemtsov"It did not appear to us. This is the 33rd year in Germany appeared. Words" Hitler "appeared there at the time. Was also a referendum on the possibilities for the Federal Chancellor. Actually it with 30s Germany. Our homeland — it corrupt dictatorship headed by Putin. "
Correspondent"How will our homeland after these elections?"
Nemtsov"Unfortunately, such elected Belarusian scenario. Occurs" lukashizatsiya "country. I think will pamatsnyatstsa repression, censorship will be more profound and more than harsh. By the way, at the moment it is distributed on the Web. Namely, large portals Russian the web already seized the presidential administration. I think there is pressure on the media-independent, will be persecution of the opposition. actually — untainted Belarus. Belarus. Since Comrade Putin … or sovereign … do not know how to read right … — became the path of falsification and cynicism. So he is convicted. It — convict. "
Correspondent"At first the conversation you said" special services "- in the plural …"

"FSB, MVD … They were all used against us. Spetsaperatsyya It was, rather than elections. Spetsaperatsyya special services. Moreover, it was conducted according to the laws of war. Arresting activists, especially nasty KGB propaganda and information war on television." Dermomet! . "That such" govnomet "- they all ran the screens."

"Tell me, why specifically ATP such an attack?"

Putin is building a country on the ruthlessness of heresy and cynicism

Nemtsov"I can explain. We are the only one who says that Putin’s plan — is corruption, we are the only one who read that Putin’s plan — is censorship, we are the only one who read that Putin’s plan — it is a crisis of the pension system and the poor — 38 Russian millions of elderly people. We are the only one who read that Putin’s plan — this settlement to be independent of the judiciary, we are opposed to this plan and this course. After this course in the third world.
He became hysterical. He began to lie. He said that in the ’90s he struggled with the oligarchs. This — heresy. He was a friend — with Abramovich, was friends with Berezovsky. Specifically, due to friendship with Berezovsky was introduced to relatives and Yeltsin made successor. He began to lie. This resulted in a hysterical propaganda campaign. "
Correspondent"Smee wrote much about" collective Putin. "Putin — for you — the politician or the system?"
Nemtsov"From the standpoint of corruption context — this curse. Group, which sat on a huge way petrodollars export of raw materials and so on. Captured by plants, etc.. This gangster conglomerate that legitimized that it is headed by the president. It’s true. With regard to political decisions, you should not do with Putin helpless. All decisions he takes personally. He has the artists, but all the decisions he takes personally. It is not necessary to make Putin Lukashenko or puppets. They themselves — twins. Make their own decisions on all issues. Then — in their team work dependent on their people — real dependent, strongly dependent that just make their teams. If you do not — they are fired. Putin — not Brezhnev. And not later than Lenin. He’s on a physical level a healthy person. "
Correspondent"How do you assess the reaction of western favorites on the emergence of Putin?"
Nemtsov"Even last German Chancellor Schroeder stated that Putin — one hundred percent Democrat. Such an assessment similar idiocy hundred percent."
Correspondent"Putin stated that he European democracy …."
Nemtsov"I can not open a discussion any idiotic statements. Filled lie. He Democrat such as crystal, as Lukashenko.
They are completely similar Democrats. Crystal democratically sincere people … What’s the one that the other … "
Correspondent"Favorit BPF Zenon Pozniak stated that Belarus — is a springboard that handles what will happen in Belarus. How, in your opinion, will take place the processes in Russia? Dissidents remain …?"
Nemtsov"Well, you will not live to see that go away. We are here to fight. We will participate in the presidential campaign. Regard to the dynamics and trends — exactly — lukashizatsiya country. We are not quite different from Belarus. Bolshennomu To the chagrin. Putin builds on country ruthlessness, heresy and cynicism. On putrid base. course that build on this majestic country will not work. And his case — false — a failure. ‘Cause you need to fight. "

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