Borisov lost the battle on the executive committee of the visor

In most fresh room "Modern Times" read the article by Alexei King "Alexander Kozulin as a factor in Belarusian politics":
"The main idea of the article — to show the potential of his personality as a politician who raskravsya the election and that politicians, he remains behind bars as a flag as a sign. Related articles funny day of his birth, but it is just an excuse to highlight that change is overdue, and there are people who are able to perform these changes. "
Also in the "brand new time" — an article by Joseph Palubyatka "Stealing allowed state" — about many rural prazdnichkom like Dazhynki; essay Alexander Tamkovich from the series "The New History in the people" — about the missing General Yuri Zakharenko.
Online Newspaper "Electric Borisov" contains a photo essay "The Board has lost the battle on the visor" — not a good company advertised about the anniversary of the Battle of Napoleon’s army on the Berezina. To Brilevskoe field impossiblecould get, there was parking for cars, several thousand spectators — only two tents where prepared kebabs.
"Our word" continues to publish the memoirs of Edward Voinilovich that on This time recalls action March 25, 1918. And knows the identity, which led to the creation of BNR — Anthony Wilhelm Albrecht Radziwill. Knows the editor "Ourhis wordsand "Stanislav Sudnik:
"It Nesvizhski ordinates chief in Nesvizhsky mayaratse one of Radziwill, who together with Roman Skirmunt came in a delegation that went to Switzerland, Berlin, other Western countries, that those recognized BNR. And why specifically Radziwill — he was personally acquainted with kayzeram Wilhelm, the king of Austria-Hungary. This figure is nowhere completely unwound, not remembered, not vzgadavalasya. "
"Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Belarus. " "100-ball results in testing not must. "For a couple of years, all Belarusian applicants for admission of mandatory pass three tests. If the rules of admission will be made to the configuration, the test will change even those exams that universities conducted themselves — for example, the creative faculties. About that rural applicants smarter urban and what else configuration waiting applicants in 2008, in an interview with the Director of the National Institute for the Control of Nicholas Feskova knowledge.

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