Botox revolution in Dutch men

Imagine that the banker or manager occupies a high position and receives a substantial salary, was fired from his job. Of course, he will do his best as soon as possible to regain the old status and income. But before you sit down at a computer to search for suitable vacancies and resume writing, extolling his professional and personal qualities, our hero will go to a plastic surgeon. What for? It turns out that a small cosmetic correction will boost his chance in the labor market, and will be an important condition for further professional achievements.

Until recently, there was general consensus that care about looks — the prerogative solely of women. Men also decorate primarily courage, gallantry, humor. But in recent years, this axiom is increasingly being questioned. And the range of beauty products for the stronger sex has been steadily increasing: perfumes, deodorants, creams, shampoos, hair dye, etc. Even the make-up a little in the everyday life. This trend is not new: the ancient Egyptians and Romans used all possible natural remedies to look more attractive.

And later in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, French kings, princes and courtiers did not spare the time for applying blush, white paint and construction of intricate hairstyles. What for? To a glance to conquer the hearts of beautiful ladies, beating its less curly and rosy rivals? Not only that. Taking care of appearance occupation was considered necessary and natural as a pleasing appearance gave a sense of confidence, and just inner peace. It is for this reason that modern men are going a step further, turning to plastic surgeons. "Well, that's an inflection — surely think readers — with fat rage …". But perhaps the story of Eric Van Tol convince them that they are wrong.

Having failed in their own business, Eric has decided to return to his former profession of insurance agent. In the lack of jobs was not worried about only one thing: he is already 47 … He sent his resume immediately in the three organizations and soon received from each invitation for an interview. All interviews were held, as it seemed to him good, but then — one by one — followed by three failures. Explanations were standard: "We have chosen another candidate more suitable for our company." "So, all the same age, took the young" — Eric thought ruefully. However, hope is not lost, and over the next two months, stubbornly sent out resumes, I went to the interview. But always got a polite refusal. In the end, he enlisted the help of a consultant on employment. And he gave him an unexpected advice: "Do not think that the reason for your bad luck as young as such. However, the years, no doubt, left a stamp on your appearance: because of the wrinkles on the forehead and nasolabial folds you look somewhat hurt, tired and inflated. Perhaps it also alienated employers. Try to make a small correction of the person, I'll give you the address of a good doctor-cosmetologist. " Eric politely thanked him, but the recommendation treated with skepticism, believing it a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, the house went straight to the mirror and, frankly, not very like himself. Suddenly remembered that familiar lately often been asked if he is not overtired, if not overcome his dark thoughts. Maybe he really looks sweet? The next day, he still went to the beautician, who recommended an injection of Botox: drug Relaxes facial muscles, thus smoothing wrinkles. After some hesitation, Eric agreed. Three weeks later, he found a job.

In England, France and Spain treatment of men to a plastic surgeon to have has long been commonplace. It seems that the Netherlands is fast catching these countries. Says Helga van den Elzen, director of plastic surgery and cosmetology town Naarden: "Sixteen percent of my clients — men, five years ago there were half as many. The motives which impel them to resort to our services different from those of women. Women upset that over the years they enjoyed less attention, rarely catch them facing views and compliments feel obvious falsehood. And men in the first place are the status and social recognition, and 45-50 years, they usually reach their peak career.

But that's interfering nuisance, as cruelly announces the mirror. Are heavy upper and lower eyelids, there are bags under his eyes, chin, deep relief wrinkles. Decreases the density of the skin, it becomes loose, loose. No matter what mood the person was not, creases at the corners of his lips give the impression of constant discontent and drooping eyebrows do look suspicious and angry. In other words, our social climber begins to rapidly lose its outward charm. And in fact it is the key to professional success of people who act according to his service in public, participate in negotiations, communicate with customers.

Our center helps people middle-aged and elderly regain their former charm. Many of them, however, did not immediately resolved on correction: Holds a shame, because men do not somehow stuck … How to tell friends and co-workers? Laughed at, you know! I advise: do not tell anybody! But the most loved ones, of course. I know from experience that the employees, neighbors and acquaintances probably did not suspect, and think that the person made a successful vacation, improve your health or his life was something very good. This feature small plastic interventions: such as the eyelid and the eye contour or the popular Botox injections. They are not radically changing the face like a circular suspenders, and simply improve the appearance. "

Eric is also in no hurry to reveal his secret. "The head of the newly admitted that of all the candidates chose me because he liked my zest for life and a positive attitude. He said that he thought at the time: 'This guy has a hard time, because he lost his job. But do not lose heart, and looking openly and cheerfully. " He knew he would, that the whole thing in a small prick … However, I met his expectations, and now he does not appreciate me for the beautiful eyes and a good professional. "

Although the dismissal of Eric is not threatened, six months after the first injection of Botox he made a second and does not intend to stop there. "In recent years, people have become more trust me and share their experiences. I myself have noticed that my face was softer, kinder. But the main work better. By the nature of its activities almost every day I have to convince customers that it is profitable to conclude that a particular policy, increase the insurance premium. If I'm going to look at this lofty and gloomy, I can hardly believe it. So they have to resort to Botox to look friendly and persuasive. Why, I'm really an optimist by nature, but my appearance has created a false impression. I just changed it a bit and — I think — was himself again. "

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