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At the congress, which was held in the office of the BPF Party, gathered 48 delegates from 55, which will present 14 cities of Belarus. First, the chairman of the delegates BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka. After wrapping up work over the past year, the delegates approved the strategic plan. He has 10 destinations. The midst of their celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic, to hold a meeting with the current BNR Rada, preparation and role in the celebration of a day or Freedom March 25. Another of the directions of the plan — to maintain style elitism Youth BPF. Explains the 23-year-old favorite organizations Ales Kalita:
"This means, that our friends should stand out from the mass of activists of the Belarusian youth movement. Our friends should be presentable and educated. Our friends need to know why they are fighting and why they are fighting. "
Reporter: "And what, for example, differs from the BPF Youth United Youth civilian party?"
Kalita: "Youth BPF based on the values of state revival. A youth UCP puts in front of him at first other values — liberal values. For us the main thing — Belarusian, whiteRussian language, Belarusian culture, the revival of the state of mind in the Belarusian society. "
Congress delegate from Pinsk 17 — year Vaclav Commonwealth said that the BPF Youth be center togetherness young revivalists:
"BNR 90 years — it is not only in 2008. Necessary to carry youth BNR standards, promote their ideas. Until we begin to educate society, it wrote Vaclav Lastouski, Bronislaw Taraszkiewicz, nothing will. Necessary to raise a second wave of revival, 1 — Single, unfortunately, lost in 1996. "
Member of the BPF Youth Franak Vyachorka said in a speech at the congress, what you need strive to be the prototype of the modern political force. On participation in promotions Vyachorka said:
"I think you need to renounce the struggle, which carries the danger to our friends. Most valuable thing we have now — it’s beautiful people. These are people who are trained in grades 10-11, and talk, think at thirty years. We need to save these people. These people have a lot more in front of the principal cases and a much bigger mission than just sit in the slammer. We need to act so that it did not matter bad consequences. The main goal — is to change Belarus ".
As chairman of the BPF Youth were offered two candidates Ales Kalita and Sergei Semeniuk. Sergei Semeniuk recused himself. Most of the delegates voted for Ales Kalita.
BPF Youth connects voedinyzhdy throughout Belarus more than 200 friends.

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