Braslaw: Waited communism

If you’re going to fall sometimes Braslava side, you can not help notice how thins stream of cars in the country Profound. Loveliest lakeland dying.
Ever come here investors to build hotels, campsites and water parks. And now deserted village with a glass eye sockets zakalochenymi not enough than villages differ from the Chernobyl zone.
Here, for example, the village of Angles. In a large village once lived almost a couple of people. Starazhylka here Feaktystavna Tatiana, 80-year-old staraverka. You see that in the XXI century in Braslav of old is considered a great delicacy?
Reporter: "To come to you merchants?"
Tatiana: "Yeah."
Reporter: "And that carry?"
Tatiana: "And sugar, and flour, and cereals. Oh, we are pleased that they go, son. Vaughn, Braslavsky bread. I can not eat it.’s Bought. Took yesterday. Feel that bread.’s And eat. And the smell of smell. "
Reporter: "Sour. And for whom you buy it? "
Tatiana: "The dog ladies, cat ladies."
Reporter: "And do not chase the merchants?"
Tatiana: "chase. Chairman."
Reporter: "So they come here partisan paths?"
Tatiana: "come and fear as the car is what."
De jure unitary country Belarus. But de facto federation as practicable. Where in each state or fief has its own rules, its own customs, almost their police forces.
The boundaries of the subjects of the federation is constantly changing. They may coincide with the boundaries of when in the area operates a bakery. And at one point can open up to negatsyyantav from adjacent areas if, for example, production of native brewery is not enough to quench the thirst of workers.
How, regardless of which product in respect of which the trade ends weather confrontation within the country — to understand this only by the most experienced smuggler.
Excellent else for mobile telephony there are no boundaries. All old, thanks to urban children now learn tariff plans and services menu.
Tatiana: "You understand that. That phone. What I cry a lot? 50 thousand per month. "
Reporter: "For a mobile phone?"
Tatiana: "Maybe what we should?"
Reporter: "A lot of mobile phones in the villages?"
Tatiana: "Oh, a lot, son. Every cell phone. I was not only the new year brought me the offspring."
Reporter: "And you, Tatiana Feaktystavna not with the Old Believers?"
Tatiana: "With the Old Believers. I walked in the prayer itself. Prayed to God. And what God is just, I do not know. Catholics, Orthodox, … Muscovites Muscovites — that conservatives."
In the village lives Sparuny very bright ancient steam. Anton and Anna Sipowicz. Emperor Anton, daring old slightly tipsy, I met a traditional Belarusian poem.
Anton: "I was born in his own village and was baptized at the track. Than sanctified? Blood later. Who want to be? Scott Do not be."
Reporter: "And who is this? Midsummer?"
Anton: "No. This is purely my own. Both the ancient, and the curve of his home in May. She glued as booth, one gnillya. Though ancient, although the curve family home in May. Do not give it to anyone, as it mine."
The last lines certainly are sparunskamu poet. But why give the classics for your own? As it turned out, it is not from arrogance. Answer given Antonov spouse.
Anna: "For the Poles there was a priest Shutovich. And did Belarus. The church prayed in Belarusian. He organized youth. Songs in Belarusian in the church who adored.
And there were farmers, to know these people more polish. War was not hear. Some shout "Holy God," and other "sventy Bozhe." The war was.
But soon he was taken. And the priest came Mazhejka, a Pole. And it was enough as a lady. As enough buttons and snatched the cassock. That "let us Belarusian part!"
As aptly she said — "did Belarus." Indeed, at times quite effort 1 person, that Belarusian sunk into the hearts of people, awakened national feeling compelled to write something. And even davneshnie Kupala lines take as their own.
Shutovich priest Victor, the memory of which he lives then eighty years old, during the war had the courage to return to his homeland to serve in the gulag and "make Belarus" in Borisov. By the way, our hero, too, returned to his homeland. During the war, the emperor did Sipowicz on the Germans.
Anton: "On the steel road. Conductor passenger trains. Tsugfireram Berlin — Warsaw. On a fast train."
Reporter: "Oh, so you are promoted!"
Anton: "And found women Germans. Almost everyone what was woman who supported. And I was so. I got 200 grams of bread a day. How could I live? "
Catholic church in Bardinichah, where he served Shutovich serves believers of 1988. Thanks to the efforts and the efforts of Sipowicz.
Anton: "I worked for 20 years at the church. Every priest built. From eighty-eight years old and up these years. I rebuilt the church. All people know that Anthony Pan. "
The village lies Pantsyaleyki pavkilyametra from the gorgeous Lake Strusto. It soon makes old-timers certain difficulties. Parishes Pantsyaleek mastered new residents. True, they live here one summer, but memoirs about the neighbors enough for the whole year. Listen Pantsyaleek resident.
Lady: "Fences we have. And never did. How to put a fence that goes enthusiasm. What still there for such a fence? They could boating with a motor. You can network was put to them. Mow the grass for them, that of their beautiful palaces have been a good view of the lake. "
Prior to the new neighbors the villagers as they do to the inevitable evil. As once in the Redskins to the Spanish conquistadors. A mixture of fear and suspicion.
Lady: "Guests come high. If these 20 people came to the lake, with songs, with clicks to them no one would answer. And the desire to have them, of course, each have their own saves. We stayed in the center of the village, and they all lined up, seized land near water. "
My subsequent companion, an old resident of the village Artsemavichy Wojciech Stankiewicz, old sturdy, stocky and joy — our davneshny listener.
Wojciech: "I came from the army as it was in 1959, I still love listening to his uncle. And I like his uncles started listening to this radio, we locked the door on the hook. Old receivers were still" Homeland. "And from now long like this. "
Knowing your faithful servant as a collector of topical jokes about the "liberation campaign of the Red Army," old Wojciech gave me a private joke.
Wojciech: "My neighbor. Had died long ago. I says I drive rye. A Russian power we have. Rye I drive, and I have a Red Army soldier sits, drinking milk. Trehlineykoy bayonet postponed very long, he is small, in the windings. Here it me and asks, "Well, what, father, languid rye carry?" — "Well, that soldier. Hard. Heat, physical work … Hard. "-" Nothing, father, be patient. Soon we will liberate and bread, and of volume work. "That this Savich constantly recalled:" From the bread asvabadili after the war. After the war began. And from the heavy work, so no. "
Transmission wire radio sovereign Wojciech accepts without irritation, philosophically.
Wojciech: "Transfer is" Agriculture hour. " I see this show as humor. Once my generation Khrushchev promised life under communism. Ladies I say that I waited communism. Only one "but" is. Aspect. What? So before my retirement million added. "

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