British Propaganda Department accuses Russia Today in violation of the Code of Goebbels

The British media regulator Ofcom has recognized the news release about Syria in the Russian state English-language TV channel Russia Today violate the standards of impartiality. This is the second warning issued by the British regulator Russian television.

Ofcom summoned representatives of Russia Today, to clarify the requirements of the British Broadcasting Code.

Attracted the attention of the regulator report, devoted to the Syrian conflict, a morning news from Russia Today July 12, 2012.

In the story, prompting the question regulator, has been shown predzapisannoe interview with the editor of the news agency Pan-African News Wire Abayomi Azikiwe, who, in particular, said that supporters of the Syrian opposition refuse to dialogue and come to a truce.

Ofcom notes that the interview lasted about fifteen minutes, during which time the speaker is not interrupted and tried to show a different view, to balance the story.

The peace plan developed by Kofi Annan, has been agreed by both parties to the Syrian conflict in April 2012, but due success is not conceived.


According to Ofcom — the agency that regulates the media in Britain — TV violated Rule 5.1 of British Broadcasting Code that prescribes news report "with all accuracy and impartiality."

In Russia Today regulator said that on the eve of this news release interview with Abayomi Azikiwe was fully aired live, and then the presenter talked about what the opinion is shared by the Syrian opposition.

Also, according to the channel, in the subjects of war principle of impartiality is not always achievable.

In September of this year, Ofcom drew the attention of the television broadcast of a violation of the rules in the Code of material from August 2011 dedicated to the conflict in Libya and the role of NATO.

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