British shootings

As for the USSR "war crime" is for the British — "military necessity"

Will the English repent for Churchill? Not an idle question, for all that he did Stalin's foreign policy, and Churchill did quite the same way. Moreover, if, for example, the execution of Polish officers in Katyn quite methodically and convincingly denied by the Soviet side, the shooting of the French or the British allies of yesterday shooting them as Greek fascists ELAS in Athens and has never been disputed by anyone. On these facts the Anglo-Saxons usually silent, and when they are reminded of them, the usual and calmly refer to "military necessity."

The next, is an example of countless klikusheskoy demagoguery — the article "In hostage lies" Boris Sokolov. In the article, he tries to explain why the United States is only now decided to publish an alleged they had a war documents on the Katyn case. That is, throughout the Cold War, rising at times to the brink of nuclear apocalypse, throws Moscow Polish "Solidarity", strongly playing in the great map of the Polish opposition, the United States remained silent about Katyn, as a partisan during the interrogation. But all of a sudden cut in the 2012 (when we have not officially enemies but partners) in the Americans unheard of Truth, and they did not spare even his Roosevelt (on whose prayer would have to), putting his partner Katyn case!

It happened exactly after the Polish side was too shy to provide independent review referred to it by Yeltsin "documents" for the Soviet track at Katyn, and officially announced Yeltsin lost lime. A gang of Alcoholics Anonymous in the Kremlin as bad dates and forged signatures so ridiculously messed up the words "of the CPSU (b)" and "Party" in the documents that allegedly arose many years before the appearance of the acronym "Party" that the Poles can only hope that " lost "documents never" there. "

Not trusting the Kremlin more alcoholics anonymous, USA contrived documents themselves, and happily published it. But the sediment (why only in 2012, why not during the collapse of the Soviet bloc?) Remained.

Documents, by the way, completely idiotic. According to them it turns out that in May 1943 a group of American and British prisoners of war visited the Katyn forest (the Germans brought them there against their will.) There they brought against their will, and "convinced that the shooting of Polish officers by the Soviets was committed." You know — prisoners of war — seen!

Further, the two American prisoners, Captain Donald Stewart and Lt. Col. John Van Fleet, managed by the secret communication channel to convey relevant considerations from the camp of the American army intelligence. From a concentration camp, huh?

But let's talk about the English.

3rd July 1940 at sites the French fleet at Oran, Mers-el-Kebir and Dakar, the British fleet under Admiral Sommervella shot point-blank allies, Brothers in arms French sailors in the amount of 1 400 people for fear that they are in the new circumstances can go into the service of the French government in Vichy.

It was a massacre absolutely not ready to repel the French. In response to this shot in the back of the French government, without declaring war, England, with her severed diplomatic relations.

Another British "Katyn" is in Greece.

In December 1944, the anti-fascists Greek Liberation Army ELAS, in the hands of the British, were mercilessly shot for their socialist orientation. Total losses of the Greek anti-fascist army ousted the Germans from the territory of the British executions are measured in tens of thousands of people, mostly — captured soldiers and officers.

About the Munich conspiracy to dismember Czechoslovakia written a lot. Less write about the actions of the Anglo-Americans in the Danish territory.

Iceland was part of the Danish kingdom, Denmark was in charge of foreign policy and defense of Iceland. April 9, 1940 the country was hit by German troops. Denmark was conquered and occupied for one day. The same day, the British government sent a letter to the Government of Iceland, stating therein that the UK will not tolerate the Germans in Iceland and is about to enter this Danish territory British troops. Icelandic separatists have been invited to the UK to join the war as "belligerent and an ally." Icelandic society has rejected this proposal.

The territorial government of Iceland expressed categorical opposition to the occupation. It did not help. A year later, the British occupation forces have been replaced by American, even though the U.S. had not yet entered the Second World War. U.S. troops were in the country before the end of the war. Then neither Iceland nor the other islands of the north Atlantic, detached from Denmark, Copenhagen and did not return.

April 12, 1940 as a result of "Operation Valentine" British forces occupied the Faroe Islands, the former Danish possession.

"Demshizoy" laughs at the phrase "liberation campaign" about the events of the dismemberment of Poland, but has no intention to seriously discuss the problem of partitioning the Danish kingdom. Meanwhile, the Soviets in Poland was far more claims of hostility than the Anglo-Americans to Denmark. By the standards of morality double dismemberment of Denmark stab in the back the losing side due to military necessity and military expediency. The campaign is Russian in Lviv and Brest — "massacre of the Soviet regime."

Hence, close to the absolutely shameless position: all that Anglo-Americans do well, because it makes the Anglo-Americans. And all that makes Russian bad because it makes Russian. As Bush put it, "all the good guys can, because they are good." Consequently, the "bad guys", even if nothing is done — just by definition bad.

Liberally complaining about the partition of Poland between Germany and the USSR, "demshiza" practically does not apply to such a sensitive issue as part of Iran between the Soviet Union and Britain. The reason is simple and clear: the section discussing Iran will have to admit that "bloody tyranny" of Moscow and "beacon of democracy" in London acted not only solidarity, but also quite symmetrical. In the English leaflets issued by Iran to all the participants in the events depicted a Soviet soldier with a big smile, and the following inscription in English: "This man — a friend of yours. He fights for freedom. " The goal — to have identified their English arrows in this campaign, and did not shoot at people with red stars on their helmets …

That is why in modern slyunoraspyleniyah "demshizy" theme Iranian section completely dropped out of the weak memory Anglophiles. Double standards? Is it only for the duration of the war?

These double standards were continued after the war. When in November 1956, Soviet tanks crumbled asphalt on the streets of Budapest, finishing off in the most pro-Hitler fascism of all the satellite countries of Germany, the West kept quiet because she knew the cat, whose fat eaten. Ironically PARALLEL suppression of the Hungarian revolt Israel, Britain and France in the same days happily bombed Egyptian Cairo.

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