Building bridges in Kiev

The construction of bridges Zaporozhye allocated an additional 200 million hryvnia, and last week received an additional 44 million more 500 million in the region are planning to get a loan guaranteed by the Government. It is reported by the regional administration.

"The main thing is that the building continues to develop, and will be completed within the period set by the President," — said the governor Alexander Peklushenko.

According to the Chief of the road Zaporozhye region Sergey Tkachenko, the construction of the roadway on the building number 6 pilot project using a unique technology for Ukraine. Asphalt contractors use a special compound that specifically resistant to wear, absorbs noise and ensures a strong grip of tires to the road while driving. This technology is used in Germany for the construction of modern highways. 

Construction photos of Zaporozhye bridges aerial view.

On the eve of his visit in Kiev Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych Zaporizhzhya City Council has prepared a unique photographs of the current construction of a bridge across the Dnieper

Virtual 3D presentation:

April 2013:

May 2013:

Close to:

Construction of a new bridge in Kiev (July 2013)

1. Views of the buildings 11 and 12, which are adjacent to the bridge over the Dnieper from the Left Bank.

2. View of the pylon structure number 10.

3. Pilon still with temporary bridges.

4. From the ship.

5. Dismantled one of the temporary bridges.

6. The view from the building number 3 on the Old Dnieper.

7. In keeping with the Old Dnieper growing support.

8. Solutions put support in line with the Old Dnieper does not belong to the designers. Author of the idea long ago left the construction site, but people remember it. How — do not tell.

9. Supports building number 4 box-solid. The plant makes the team, "shell", is inserted into the reinforcement cage and poured in situ concrete.

10. Vertical support teams were divided into sections height of 2.0 m  

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