Buraukin: Border relations between the creator and the creator of the authority determines.

Tsigankov: "Among those views that sound at the moment to be independent in the press, on the forums in the web — there are very critical. Some journalists even supporters of musicians say that they do not had go to Proleskovsky. How do you feel about this step rock musicians? "
Buraukin: "I would not hurry so adamantly immediately judge musicians for this meeting. Basically judge it must be by its results. What it leads to, what it does? I would like to know in detail what they have agreed, and they agreed. Indeed, in creativity and art often, as they say, specifically covered in detail this is the devil, all of which can distort.
Limit in the relations between the authorities and creators determined first all the same creators. Any of they must find where in dealing with bureaucrats can not cross that border. I am ready to realize our musicians because, naturally, they hunt to their possible more heard and knew. It is a natural feeling and desire. "
Tsigankov: "Really — what’s the difference where they will hear the song? If they heard at the municipal TV and radio channels, the essence of these works from this will not change … "
Buraukin: "Naturally, if the Belarusian media present municipal own ether for the same" Palace "," Shopping "," DMI "- I’m all for it.
Another thing — what these musicians have to pay its presence in the municipal air? Here they have decide. When deprived of their own principles require roughly reverse themselves for themselves, they have to weigh is this popularity of these victims? And whether such sacrifices in general, that zavayvats immense popularity? "

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