Buraukin: Memory can not be separated

Now chairman of BPF Barshcheuski Lavon and his deputy Viktor Ivashkevich applied for on November 2nd ordinary funeral procession on Dzyady.
20 years ago, in late October, held the first national Dzyady, which went down in history forever. Then a thousand people gathered near the East cemetery to commemorate Protz. Now chairman of BPF Barshcheuski Lavon and his deputy Viktor Ivashkevich have applied in Minsk city executive committee on conventional funeral procession on Dzyady. Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski stressed that these Santas should not disconnect anyone, but instead should connect people. He said of the talks with the chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPFZenon Pozniak

Lavon Barshcheuski

Gennady Buraukin, Lavon Barshcheuski Vladimir Orlov So Makar, November 2, at 12 hours on the East lay public cemetery flowers to the graves, Vasil Bykov, Pimen Panchenko, Misha Tkachev, Gennady Karpenko, Vladimir Mulyavin. Vladimir Karmilkin
After that, people will be on Independence Avenue, street Kalinowski and Logojsky tract Kurapaty. "Memory can not be separated, especially between like-minded" — allocated. Gennady Buraukin
It was a very principled Belarus event without it there would not be revivalist upsurge in the late ’80s — early ’90s, convinced the poet: "I think it would be very true, it is appropriate to remind people (in fact many did not even know of the youth, it was, as it were) and use these days are to tell about those events. I wish to recall the movie that took then. Vladimir Orlov

Alexei Marochkin and Gennady Buraukin Writer Vladimir Orlov recalled how 20 years ago, led a rally in Kurapaty. But then he had not yet Minsk resident … Writer remembered good word, then chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR, ZHoru Tarazevich
which is almost rescued it from links in Polotsk, as police officers every day, a protocol on illegal stay without residence in Minsk. "And when gathered at the Writers Writers meeting at which the emperor came Tarazevich persuade us not to send a telegram Gorbachev
demanding to investigate, I specifically to him and asked to defend me. He said: "Comrade Orlova, tomorrow morning, believe me, for you to no longer be fellow seal Come." Gland — is a police lieutenant. Tarazevich sang the words. "

Now representatives of the Belarusian intelligentsia took public appeal to his compatriots. Recalling the events of 1988 and the current government attempts to "kill the historical memory of Belarusians", they called for "all those who care about the fate of Belarus, November 2 gather around the Eastern cemetery," to lay flowers there, "and then come to the holy Kurapaty crosses." Tags:, BPF shares prazdnichkom, grandfathers

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