Cable theft on the railways of Belgium has become a national catastrophe

Railroad disaster in Belgium (Buyzingen (Buizingen)), dozens killed

Theft of copper cable for the Belgian railways acquired this year, the extent of "national catastrophe."

Only the first three quarters of 2012 damage from this type of criminal activity has reached 8 million. Belgian railway operator — the company "Infrabel» (Infrabel) — estimates that since the beginning of the year due to cable theft in Belgium was canceled more than 10,000 trains and the total delay of trains exceeded 950 hours.

The dynamics of this criminal business is deeply troubling police and railway workers — if in 2011 the kingdom was recorded about 750 cases of theft of copper cable, it is only for the first 9 months of this year the number had reached 1.1 million

Initially, the Belgian authorities linked the activation of theft of precious metals with the economic crisis and the fall in the standard of living in the country. However, as a result of the interrogation of several detained criminals, it was found that in all cases of abductions cable engaged in small criminal groups of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, which has a special technique for removing the cable and by truck to transport it.

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