Calls for freedom: Belarus thrives when lying in a coffin — the terms of wreaths, flowers in the legs

In Shklou colony was Tribunal over Dmitry Dashkevich political prisoners. His 1st of the favorites "Young Front", convicted for his role in an unregistered organization, blamed his refusal to testify against their colleagues. On this occasion the listener question:
Zinoviev: "Tell me, where the lawyer is able to make a point about the protocol, unless the tribunal in the colony as in Dashkevycha?"
Responsible lawyer and human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich:
"The lawyer has the right to access to all the materials and, when necessary can make comments or protests. Another thing is that the tribunal occurs practically closed to the public mode. Formally it so no one did, because for a closed court hearing must be certain grounds.
But the tribunal held on the ground of the colony — and, practically, it is closed. Neither representatives of embassies, neither journalists nor human rights, nor his family, no one was able to get there. "
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili announced a premature presidential election. This decision was the result of a multi-day confrontation between the authorities and opposition demonstrators that resulted in the crackdown. Comments listeners:
Misha, etc.. Karpilovka: "I support President Saakashvili of Georgia that will pay off with aspiring communists, and later gave them to smell gas.
They did not in Belarus, where a kilo Shushkevich studs removed, put Kozulin and others. Let smelt gunpowder. In Ukraine, they failed to make a coup, they started in Georgia. "
Man: "Who is on your radio screamers screaming one that she needed to change the president. So let them take that Saakashvili. It is free in the near future will be.
Shevardnadze spoke yesterday on the radio and said that he brought Georgia to the fact that kids are hungry walking down the street. This one.
Second. We have no political prisoners. Our people are free to walk the street. Nobody touches. Neither the train or the bus — anywhere. But such scams as Dashkevich Kozulin …
Kozulin was waving his arms, belabored portrait of the president, waving his fists on the police. He has no place on the loose. 5 and a half years even sits, like everyone else. All are equal before the tribunal. And if he himself would be bad news, yet he added. These are our judgments. So take note of. "
Vasily Sinitskii, Lelchitsy "Chairman Russian State Duma Boris Gryzlov expressed concern over events in Georgia. And as can be seen a person who has at least a little of the political situation in the CIS …
If Gryzlov was in Minsk so called the nation-wide meeting in this time Police beat presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin of Belarus.
Gryzlov eye on blinked, not crimson shame that Alexander Kozulin was not admitted to the meeting. Our homeland is to shut her eyes. When it was completed, these imperial habits? "
Listeners "Freedom" also continue to open a discussion day of the October Revolution, which in Belarus noted at the municipal level.
Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Hello," Freedom! "Yesterday a friend of mine, a particular devotee of Lukashenko and his regime, an adherent of the entry into the Russian Federation, who yearns for the Russian government and the Soviet Union, knowing my attitude to all of this, congratulated me congratulate — Those Days October Revolution.
In his greetings, intonation was so much hatred towards me that he was ready to let his fists. I replied that today in 1917 the government seized the bandits. This prazdnichek for those who like the look, smell and taste of blood.
With the same success you can declare prazdnichkom launch of operations in our time Morozovskoj gang in Gomel. "
Lady: "Hi, pochetaemaya" Freedom! " I heard one lady said, it was disgusting, when walking in the parade Russian authorities? Drank vodka, ate sausages.
I just remember being given the order to work: they do not come, then expel from work. And all went. But I never beheld, and saw that someone was eating a sausage. If someone drank from aggressors, only the sleeve to wipe them. These are the Russian people. So let them not boast. Were under duress.
Now about Georgia. Hear reporters ask who prevents Georgia. Answer: Our homeland. Why Our homeland in the way? For that not to RF leaning, and the West. So now, no one wants of — pagaravali. That’s what they are terrible, nobody wants. "
The following calls — the welfare of people.
Peter S.: "I wish to tell about real life in our prosperous Belarus. Somehow I went to the store and saw a huge slaughterhouse turn into one department. Queue consisted in the main of some older people. I looked, that was sold in that department. Turns , pigs ears, tails and pig heart.
People took 5-7 kilyagramav this product. The store was quiet until the moment when the saleswoman did not say that this product is completed. What started here! Turn turned into a mass of about counter. Rose scream abuse.
The old man took the witness and participant of the war they began to poke her grandmother’s face. The same took disability certificate in group 2. Another 10 minutes was the noise and abuse. Later all started spreading.
The same picture, I watched about a litter box, where a pack of dogs beating for some bone. Sorry for rough comparison, but it is.
I’m the old man winning Fascism said: "Look into other departments of the store. There are beef tongue, slicing pigs, meat lapatachnae. "He looked at me like I was an alien and says:" So you look, what are the prices of all this treasure! "
Here it is, the real picture of life in the prosperous Belarus. Belarusian blooms once — if lying in a coffin, the coffin around wreaths and flowers at his feet. "
Lady: "Cancel benefits disabled 1st and 2nd groups, can reflect, enrich, and will raise the Belarusian economy. Authorities do not fear sin. Nobody knows which of them God sends disability. If the president does not stand up for the disabled 1st and 2nd groups, then it will be a shame on the people. "
Continuing program from the address in question is following opposition:
Man: "Good morning, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "Simply amazes me, what nekompitentnye favorites opposition nowadays.
With whom to have a dialogue, sire Ivashkevich? With an illegitimate president? Neuzh something you do not realize that the government has chosen a different strategy — a strategy of preventive detention. More active — delay. A more unsafe — either as Zakharenko or as Klimov Kazulin. Neuzh something you do not realize? "
Answers to the question Viktor Ivashkevich:
"An open and public appeal to Lukashenka and his entourage — this appeal to all the people in the power system. And there are many smart and professional people. And this proclamation that together we need bother about the fate of Belarus and own personal destiny.
And in this sense, the dialogue — as search public consensus of all sensible people in Belarus — an absolute sense. "
Further expression of power in Russia and Belarus:
Valery Borisov: "How much protection to our president, I asked once Milinkevich." No, I do not know — he said — we do not have transparency in government. "
Called cousin in America. Brother laughed, "We do not even know each than Acacia Cat in the Bush family." Senior Belarusians beheld film "Lenin in October", and everyone knows there was one watchman.
My statement national parliament. He canceled the benefits together, let cancel and protection in our "father" and leave only the 1st guard — his son Victor. Also need to calculate how many folk remedies available. "
Man: "The most ugly technology zadushvannya opposition movement develops on Lukashenko Belarusians.
These include anonymous calls about minavanne, outag
e, failure to register for unnecessary regime parties and movements, arrests before the opposition rallies, "neprelichnuyu abuse", the closing of opposition newspapers and much more about what respectable people and can not come up.
But the most exciting, that have been tested in Belarus heinous methods Tipo intellectual Putin immediately enters at in. In this regard, there is even a funny story.
Lukashenka goes to Moscow and sees: OMON men hitting the left and right. Lukashenko stood in a pose and Illich states: "the right way, comrades."
Naturally, with the imperial ambitions of our homeland, as supported in the past, support at the moment and will support all anti-national and anti-democratic regimes like Belarus.
And even though he knows the adage "Better to lose clever than durachiny find" all the same Russians seek out a fool — not thinking about that retribution, which will certainly come to the people of in the future. "

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