Calls for freedom: Georgia get out of the situation, what was

In Tbilisi on November 7 during clashes between police and demonstrators suffered about five hundred people. According to official figures, 115 people are clinics in including fifteen policemen.
Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili fifteen days imposed emergency rule on the whole area of the country. At the time of the acts of emergency all television and radio Georgia except the Georgian public television, gave the order to finish the newscasts.
Listeners "Liberty" respond to the actions in Georgia.
Man: "On November 7 all channels of the world, including" Euronews ", expressed as a Democrat Saakashvili dealt with his own opposition. Armored vehicles in the streets, clubs, tear gas, blood demonstrators from the opposition, 10s people were taken to the clinic.
Does it seem to our masters Democrats — Milinkevich Lyabedzka and Vyachorka that against their idol, Democrat Saakashvili Lukashenko last Teran Europe looks just lamb? "
Listener responds favorite Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko
Lyabedzka: "In a real democracy there is no idols. Idols have in authoritarian countries and states. That what’s happening in Georgia, or that couple years ago happened in Ukraine, can not be supported by people with democratic gaze. We can not support the closure of television, radio and newspapers.
But do not forget, pochetaemye criticism that in Georgia there are lots of TV channels, which can act and those who are behind the idols, and those who are against. In Georgia, the market economy. In Georgia, there is an opportunity for voters to choose. If there vote, their votes do not steal.
As for what happened in Georgia the past few days, here Democrats uniform standards. And we can not state that it is snowy, if in fact it is dark. But, I think Georgia will get out of the situation to what it was, so there already have the beginnings of democracy. "
Follow-Up also on the events in Georgia:
Man: "I beg your opposition political scientists to explain the difference between a" beacon of democracy "as Bush referred to Georgia, from the dictatorship in Belarus, which we Tipo is, with your words invariable listeners."
Give the floor to the political scientist Vladimir Matskevich:
Mackiewicz: "The question of the listener — is a challenge. Uneasy ventured Georgian situation at a specific time through elections Saakashvili. Fact that Saakashvili was able to do great things with the West as president — this is the form that Saakashvili became a protege of the United States or anyone else . This is propaganda.
In Georgia, the political process flow is very difficult and very complicated. Never, no government, no president has left the legitimate way. Do not change the power legitimately. Government and society must conform each other. They correspond.
As for Belarus. It seems to be for you or like what happens to you personally (maybe your company is working fine), open your eyes. If you do not touch the lives of others, you do not do your own personal destiny as an example to others.
What do you say wife Gonchar? What do you say to children Kozulin about this mode? And the expression that in some places in Africa or Asia have regimes that comparable worse Belarusian niskolechko not justify the Belarusian dictatorship. "
Our students say about their own immediate dilemmas:
Man: "The leaders of housing and communal services of the town of Minsk superiors have reported good readiness for the heating season. And that’s what happened to Actually.
Now, November 7, in the 3rd entrance huge house on the street in Minsk Novinkovskaya completely disconnected heat. That’s GEN-27 leaders are busy on ordinary people. "
Lady: "I heard this on the radio, turn on the eggs that broke the door to the store on the market. And funny and insulting. Is that — addition to the Public march? And just started to take a nostalgic amounts to a cheap oil.
Authorities, by the way, the dreaded Public march. Our city is far from Minsk. But in our little neighborhood all day November 4 was very burning water, practically kipyatochek that for us the greatest uniqueness.
Dream a little! That’s really so social protest took place, maybe in the summer we would have hot water. Although a few times a week, for a merchant account. And disappears together with heating.
And maybe even our housing and communal services would make solid sidewalk near entrances, and would be lost in the rain in their mud puddles. Yes, you never know what might have changed? "

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